United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has worked to fight against illicit drug trades, international crime, and terrorism since its creation in 1997. These three areas include many distinct and varied specializations that UNODC Member States attempt to resolve. The UNODC pursues its goals through three avenues: research and increasing understanding of issues, supporting local governments in fighting issues, and supporting the ratification of treaties regarding issues. The UNODC is also known for its annual World Drug Report detailing trends and changes in worldwide drug use and production.

This committee is designed for both beginners and experienced delegates alike. Position papers, although strongly recommended, are not required. However, delegates who wish to be considered for an award must submit their position papers by February 1st, 2023, at 23:59 PT. More information about position papers can be found on page 3 of the Background Guide.

Topic A: Addressing Transnational Cybercrime (Click to show summary)

Transnational cybercrime, which consists of criminal activities that involve computers or a network, is a pressing concern in today’s world. The internet, through connecting individuals all around the world, gives cybercriminals access to a myriad of potential victims; additionally, new technologies have vulnerabilities that can be exploited with ease. Traditional forms of crime often have physical limitations, but these can be bypassed through the use of the internet, allowing cybercriminals to perpetrate crimes on an unprecedented scale. Nearly one percent of global GDP is lost to cybercrime annually; as such, a swift and effective response is of the utmost importance.

Topic B: Falsified Medical Products (Click to show summary)

Falsified medical products are those that deliberately or fraudulently misrepresent their identity, composition, or source. It can be difficult to identify falsified, substandard, or unregistered and unlicensed medical products, and their use is incredibly dangerous because they either do not serve their intended purpose or do not meet safety guidelines. Furthermore, the effects of poverty are exacerbated by falsified medical products; their consumption and use are more common among those who cannot afford legitimate medicine. Up to 10 percent of medical products in developing countries are either substandard or falsified; if unregulated, falsified medical products may cause millions of deaths in the decades to come.

Kiran Sun

Kiran Sun | Director

A junior at St George’s School, Kiran is thrilled to be serving as the Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime at VMUN 2023. Since joining MUN in Grade 7, Kiran has been enthralled by the complexity and scope of this activity. Over the past three years, he has participated in a wide variety of committees, ranging from DISEC and SOCHUM to JCC and FCC, with each continuing to foster his interest in diplomacy and global affairs. When not participating in MUN conferences, Kiran can be found racking his brains over difficult math problems, trying not to capsize in the middle of the Fraser River, or struggling to play Concert F on his flute. Kiran looks forward to meeting every delegate and sharing an immersive and rewarding weekend.

Isabella Pliska

Isabella Pliska | Chair

Currently, in her senior year at Crofton House School, Isabella is thrilled to be serving as Chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation at VMUN 2023. Since attending her first conference in grade 9 and being coerced into giving a very scary 10-second speech, Isabella’s passion for politics and international affairs has only grown as she continues to be intrigued by the complex and intricate nature of global politics. When outside of the committee room, Isabella can often be found playing field hockey, hunting for new Netflix shows, watching horror movies with friends, and finding new places to eat. Isabella looks forward to meeting everyone and to the engaging and passionate debate that will ensue over the upcoming weekend. She wishes all the delegates the best of luck in their preparations!

Edison Dao

Edison Dao | Assistant Director

Edison Dao is a senior attending St. George’s School. During his free time, he can be found obsessively playing cards, avidly praticing culinary arts, or attempting to master French grammar. In addition, at a very young age, he immersed himself in the history and politics; inevitably, he joined Model UN to channel his passion. Now in his fourth and final year, Edison is honoured to serve as the Director of Bloc 2 in the JCC. Edison is thrilled to make VMUN JCC 2023 a memorable commitee.

You can contact the Director at unodc@vmun.com. Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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