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The Crimean War, 1852

It is 1852. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, almost four decades of relative peace have swept across Europe. Yet today, lasting European peace stands at a crossroads. The Ottoman Empire, fragmented by ethnic revolts and atrophied by ineffective administration, sits on the precipice of collapse. Deemed the “Sick Man of Europe,” the declining empire increasingly draws the eye of imperialist ambition. For Russia, the continental military hegemon, the Ottoman Empire’s disintegration may well pave the Russian path to European domination. Conversely, for Britain and France, the potential fall of the Ottomans presents an inimical and deleterious threat to European stability. With much at stake in the status quo, both for European powers and the Ottoman Empire, conflict looms on the horizon.

The Joint Crisis Committees (JCC) are very different from the normal MUN experience, yet equal even the United Nations Security Council in their complexity and challenge. JCC consists of two independently running subcommittees whose decisions and actions immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, thus providing for an experience like no other. The ritual raising of placards is replaced with international espionage, fast-paced decision-making, and incessant debates; all aimed to destroy the ideological enemy. What delegates will be asked to deal with is only partially revealed for your preparation; covert plots, terrible luck, and the well-meaning — or hostile — actions of the opposing committee together offer an unpredictable, volatile, and urgent, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. If the bloc as a whole is to succeed, the delegates must compromise, negotiate, and persevere in a battle of diplomatic wit; after all, there is a nemesis waiting, biding its time.

As a continuous crisis committee, the Joint Crisis Committees are most appropriate for experienced delegates. Position papers are mandatory and must be submitted by January 22nd, 2021, at 23:59 PST. More information about position papers specific to this committee can be found on page 3 of the Background Guide.

Ben Kang

Ben Kang | Director

Currently a junior at St. George’s School, Ben is glad to serve as the Director of JCC for VMUN this year. Although he maintains that he enjoys learning a dead language without cases or declensions, territorially camping at the neighborhood Starbucks’ best spot, and taking pics for his photography (IG: @bk.snapshots), most of all, he enjoys delegating in crisis committees. Having gone to 15+ conferences over the past five years, Ben has seen a wide range of committees in his time, all the way up from the most prodigious of GAs to the most minuscule of regional committees. Between them all, to Ben, crises like the JCC have always presented the most engaging, dynamic, and exhilarating experiences that MUN can offer. And as the Director of the Joint Crisis Committees this year, he aims to offer a crisis experience nothing short of unforgettable.

Sana Shams

Sana Shams | Bloc Director

Sana is a senior enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Semiahmoo Secondary, and is ecstatic to serve as Bloc Director of JCC for this iteration of VMUN. Not long ago, when Sana first entered the world of MUN, she was captivated by the passionate (and at times questionable) debate, innovative resolutions and the strong network of the driven delegates. Since then, MUN has quickly grown to be one of Sana’s primary passions, with the invaluable experience of every conference urging her to come back. Outside of Model UN, Sana can be found juggling various projects around the community, indulging more time than she can afford digging into niche scientific concepts, or desperately endorsing her toxic relationship with her TI-84 Plus CE. Sana is confident in ensuring VMUN 2021 will facilitate an amazing experience.

Adam Dawood

Adam Dawood | Bloc Director

A grade 11 student currently attending West Point Grey Academy, Adam Dawood is honoured to serve as one of your bloc directors at this year’s iteration of VMUN! Ever since his first Model UN conference in Grade 7, Adam has grown to love the intense discourse and debate present in each and every committee session. Through his passion for MUN, he has fostered his love for international relations and politics. Over the course of the conference, Adam hopes that all delegates can broaden their horizons about current affairs, improve their public speaking skills, and have an overall enjoyable experience. Adam is looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

Ethan Lee

Ethan Lee | Chair

Ethan is a senior student at St. George’s School. He has been participating in MUN since eighth grade, and this will be his 4th year participating in VMUN. He is absolutely thrilled to be working with the staff team this year, embarking on this journey on his final year of high school. Model UN has allowed Ethan to learn so much about the world, both current and historical. It has been a tool which he used to better his public speaking and debate skills. Aside from MUN, Ethan enjoys binging Netflix shows, playing rugby, working out, and trying to get out of bronze. Ethan is super excited to meet all of the delegates of VMUN 2021 and wishes them all the best of luck.

Harvey Riches

Harvey Riches | Chair

Harvey is a Grade 12 student at Windsor Secondary and is honoured to serve as one of the Chair’s for this year’s iteration of the Joint Crisis Committee at VMUN. Harvey first experienced the wonderful world of Model United Nations at VMUN in grade 10 and ever since, has been trying to fit into as many conferences as he could find in the Greater Vancouver area. With the opportunities given by MUN, Harvey had time to improve his public speaking skills as well as making many great and unforgettable friends. In his free time, Harvey likes to research his family tree from both his British and German sides as well as flying around the world in his home-made flight simulator with his favourite supersonic passenger jets. He is looking forward to meeting everyone and to see how the delegates are hopefully planning on changing history for the better be that to their benefit.

Daniel Aminbakhsh

Daniel Aminbakhsh | Crisis Staff

Daniel is currently in Grade 11 at St. George’s School and is delighted to be serving as Crisis Staff in JCC Bloc 1 at VMUN 2021. After first attending MUN in Grade 9, Daniel has picked up an admiration for politics and diplomacy through attending different conferences and practicing the art of compromise with other delegates. Outside of MUN, Daniel can be found appreciating the fine work of Nintendo, discussing pressing political issues, and expanding his knowledge on commercial aviation. Daniel is excited to be a part of VMUN 2021, and he is looking forward to a weekend full of intense debate and conflict!

Chris Shojania

Chris Shojania | Crisis Staff

A sophomore at Crofton House School, Chris Shojania is thrilled to be joining the VMUN team as a Crisis Staff for JCC. Attending their first conference as a wide-eyed grade 8, Chris has developed a love for this unique form of debate and the complexities that come with it. Having attended over a dozen conferences, they are pleased to begin their first year of staffing. Outside of MUN, they spend their time with friends, biking, playing video games, and learning guitar. They also enjoy wandering around their neighbourhood, ingesting copious amounts of caffeine, and studying various global issues. They are thrilled to be helping make this iteration of VMUN the best yet.

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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