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The Franco-Prussian War, 1867

The year is 1867. Following the decline of the Holy Roman Empire and the subsequent fragmentation of German states, Prussia has gradually accumulated power in Central Europe. Yet, despite administrative machinations and a decisive defeat against its only competitor for Central European hegemony, Austria, Prussia remains not the leader of a united Germany, but the dominating power in the North German Confederation. As Spain continues to decline—atrophied by indecision and aggravated by revolts—France fears Prussian influence in Spain will grow too strong. A large escalation in Prussian power would be extremely calamitous to the status quo, destroying the current balance and stability in Europe. With both countries unwilling to risk an optimal opportunity to reestablish puissance in Europe, the threat of war looms on the horizon.

The Joint Crisis Committees (JCC) are very different from the normal MUN experience, yet equal even the United Nations Security Council in their complexity and challenge. JCC consists of two independently running subcommittees whose decisions and actions immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, thus providing for an experience like no other. The ritual raising of placards is replaced with international espionage, fast-paced decision-making, and incessant debates; all aimed to destroy the ideological enemy. What delegates will be asked to deal with is only partially revealed for your preparation; covert plots, terrible luck, and the well-meaning — or hostile — actions of the opposing committee together offer an unpredictable, volatile, and urgent, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. If the bloc as a whole is to succeed, the delegates must compromise, negotiate, and persevere in a battle of diplomatic wit; after all, there is a nemesis waiting, biding its time.

As a continuous crisis committee, the Joint Crisis Committees are most appropriate for experienced delegates. Position papers are mandatory and must be submitted by April 17, 2022, at 23:59 PST. More information about position papers specific to this committee can be found on page 3 of the Background Guide.


Athina Law | Crisis Overlord

A Grade 12 student at Little Flower Academy, Athina is beyond honoured to be serving as the Crisis Overlord of the Joint Crisis Committees at VMUN 2022. First introduced to the fast-paced world of Model United Nations four years ago, MUN has since pervaded her very existence, inexorably cultivating her interests in diplomacy and international relations. Outside of the committee room, Athina can be found doubled-over with laughter over nonsensical jokes, philosophizing about parallel universes, or unironically enjoying pop music from the 2010s on Spotify. Joint Crisis Committees have always held a special place in her heart—bringing forth the most ingenious ideas, exhilarating updates, and spirited discussions she had as a delegate. She hopes to provide the same entrancing, memorable experience to delegates and looks forward to meeting everyone in April!


Ethan Chen | Bloc Director

As a Grade 11 student at St. George’s School, Ethan is thrilled to be serving as the Bloc Director of the French Bloc at VMUN 2022. Since beginning Model UN in 7th Grade, Ethan has familiarized himself with the ins and outs of diplomacy and debate, and has become fascinated with the nuances of global affairs. From meeting new delegates to speaking at the podium, his passion for Model Un has only grown. When not occupied with MUN or academics, Ethan spends his time tirelessly transcribing jazz solos, attempting to organize a proper work/sleep schedule, and struggling to meet word-limits in his English assignments. Above all, he looks forward to welcoming both new and experienced delegates, and hopes to make VMUN 2022 the best iteration yet.


Austin Ma | Bloc Director

Austin is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s school and is delighted to be serving as the Bloc Director of the Prussian Bloc in the Joint Crisis Committees at VMUN 2022. The coming year will be a bittersweet one for Austin, as he enters his fifth and final year of high school Model UN. Bitter as a pivotal chapter of Austin’s life closes, but also sweet as he reflects upon the countless friendships forged, unforgettable memories made, and invaluable knowledge gained within the committee room. In his free time, Austin can be found biking around Vancouver, dabbling with photography, and diving into a good book. Austin wishes everyone the best of luck with their preparations and looks forward to a weekend of passionate deliberations at VMUN!


Cindy Ma | Chair

A Grade 12 student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Richmond Secondary School, Cindy is overjoyed to serve as a Chair in JCC at VMUN 2022. Since attending her first conference two years ago, she quickly found herself immersed in the hectic yet intriguing world of Model UN. She avidly enjoys the constant chaos within committee sessions, and she has grown to appreciate the different opinions of each delegate. In her free time, Cindy can be found sketching in her notebook, drinking iced caramel macchiatos, and chasing sunsets. Cindy looks forward to a weekend filled with fruitful debate, and cannot wait to meet everyone!


Angel Li | Chair

A Grade 12 student completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Richmond Secondary School, Angel is equally honoured and thrilled to serve as a Chair in the Joint Crisis Committees at VMUN 2022. Having stepped into her first conference as a hesitant delegate in grade nine, she has quickly grown to love the political debate and the intricate art of diplomacy in each committee session. Outside of MUN and when not reading about psychology, Angel can be found re-watching Marvel movies in the gym at 6 AM, asking her parents for a cat in the hopes that they will say yes (which they never do), and consuming enough caffeine to kill a bear. Nonetheless, Angel is looking forward to a memorable weekend and cannot wait to meet everyone.


Justin Hua | Crisis Staff

Embarking on his final year of high school as a Grade 12 student at Hugh McRoberts Secondary, Justin is pleased to serve as a Crisis Staff for the Joint Crisis Committees. Since attending his first conference six years ago, Justin has developed a fervent passion for international relations and politics. During his free time, Justin may be found battling with perplexing math problems, binging countless anime episodes at a time and playing bullet chess. Justin is looking forward to a weekend full of stirring debate and hopes that VMUN 2022 will be a memorable experience.

Hugo Lam | Crisis Staff

Currently a Grade 10 student at St. George’s School, Hugo is honoured to serve as a Crisis Staff for the Joint Crisis Committees at VMUN 2022. Ever since attending his first conference, Hugo has been enthralled by the intense debate, intricate resolutions, and diplomacy that Model UN has to offer. Through his attendance at numerous conferences, Hugo has cultivated a passion for international affairs and has broadened his perspective on global issues through debate. Outside of the committee room, Hugo can be found playing badminton, biking along the West Coast with friends and family, and spending countless hours on Netflix. He looks forward to creating an exceptional weekend filled with productive debate and wishes the best of luck to all delegates attending VMUN 2022.


Geoffrey Yee | Crisis Staff

Currently a Grade 10 student at St. George’s School, Geoffrey is excited to serve as a Crisis Staff in JCC at VMUN this year. Ever since his first Model UN conference as a nervous seventh-grader, Geoffrey has grown to love all aspects of MUN, from the arduous research to the passionate speeches. Outside of the conference room, you can find Geoffrey practicing squash, playing video games with friends, or waiting for his computer to finish rendering his 3D models. Over the past three years of MUN, his passion for crisis committees has only grown, especially the intense and fast-paced debate that crises offer. Geoffrey is looking forward to making JCC an experience to never forget!

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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