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Alvin Tsuei | Secretary-General |

Alvin is a senior at St. George’s School, and is excited to serve as the Secretary-General of VMUN 2017, which will be his fifth and final VMUN conference. Since attending his first VMUN five years ago, he has grown to love the intensity and professionalism of MUN. As a result, VMUN has become a conference he holds dear to his heart. Outside MUN, Alvin can be found learning new (albeit dead) languages in his futile attempt to become a polyglot, travelling to his favourite concrete jungles in the world, and exploring the newest restaurants in the city. Alvin is looking forward to a memorable weekend of fierce debate, diplomacy, and compromise, and hopes that VMUN 2017 will be an unforgettable experience for all.


Chris Pang | Chief of Staff |

A grade 12 attending St. George’s School, Chris has been involved with the world of MUN for six years. VMUN 2017 will be his fifth VMUN, having attended it as a delegate, staff member, and secretariat member in the years past. This passion stems from a love for public speaking and a keen interest in how the role of international politics has shaped our lives. Outside of MUN, Chris is also an avid debater with a love for camping in the incredible wild of BC, curling up at home with a cup of coffee and a good movie, and performing or watching any type of theater. As Chief of Staff, his only goal is to help give delegates an experience even more unforgettable and exhilarating as the ones he has had with VMUN in the past, and he is incredibly excited to see you all there!


Eva Zhang | Director-General |

Eva is looking forward to VMUN 2017, her fifth and final VMUN conference. Now a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Eva was intimidated but enthralled by the power of podiums in grade eight, consequently embarking on an exhilarating, caffeine-filled, and fun journey. In her spare time, Eva can be found appraising the quality of various Starbucks orders, running, listening to embarrassingly generic music, or catching a power nap amidst her textbooks. Having delegated, staffed, and served on the Secretariat throughout her years with VMUN, Eva fully appreciates the transformative power of Model UN to alter perspectives, generate passion, and create long-lasting friendships. She wishes all delegates an engaging and unforgettable experience.


Arjun Mehta | Director of Logistics |

A senior at St. George’s School, Arjun has had a deep fascination for political and international developments since being introduced to MUN in Grade 7. VMUN 2017 will be his sixth and final iteration of this fantastical conference, the most bitter-sweet of milestones in his high school career. When not devoutly subscribing himself to the happenings of the world or scouring the depths of Twitter, Arjun can be found baking breads, skiing, appreciating other cultures and cuisines, and reading hot new policy. Perhaps the greatest dilemma he contemplates regularly is how he can live for an extended period in every macro-geographical region on the planet. Arjun cannot wait to hear impassioned negotiations from delegates in January.


Graeme Brawn | USG General Assemblies |

Graeme is a senior attending Richmond Christian School. Drawn to MUN through his fascination in global affairs, he values the academic and social nature inherent to the simulation. His first conference, VMUN 2015, introduced him to an enriching world of diplomacy, debate, and compromise. Three years later, he aspires to provide similarly valuable experiences to delegates at VMUN 2017. He sincerely hopes that the committee sessions will spark debate that endures far beyond the closing ceremonies. Outside of MUN, Graeme can be found reading, hiking, or skiing British Columbia’s mountains. Graeme is ecstatic to conclude his final VMUN as the USG of General Assemblies, and looks forward to meeting all delegates, staff, and sponsor teachers in January!


Ryan Karimi | USG Specialized Agencies |

Ryan is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, and has been participating in MUN since Grade 9. His personal favourite MUN moments include preventing nuclear meltdowns in IAEA and brinkmanship and espionage in CSIS. He participates in student government and is an avid member and co-founder of his school’s chess club (though he tries to hide that he has been beat by every member of the club at least twice). Outside of school, he is volunteering with the local Red Cross, and playing guitar. He also loves the outdoors and sports his signature bucket hat while hiking, kayaking, and camping in scenic Vancouver. He is honoured to be serving as the USG of Specialized Agencies at VMUN 2017, and looks forward to a wonderful conference.


Mary Dong | USG Conference |

Mary is currently a grade twelve student at Crofton House School. Since joining Model UN in grade nine, Mary has grown to love this unique non-spectator sport both as a delegate and as a staff member. Of the many conferences she has attended, her favourite is VMUN 2016, where she served as the Director of the wonderful European Union. Outside of MUN, Mary debates and plays tennis. She is also an avid foodie who loves to discover new cafés just as much as she likes to cook and bake. Mary is beyond thrilled to serve as the USG Conference this year, and looks forward to a fun and enriching experience for everyone at VMUN 2017.


Ken Hong | USG Delegate Affairs |

Currently a junior at St. George’s School, Ken’s passion for world affairs has been kindled by his participation in the Model UN community for the past five years. Fond recollections of the committee room tend to include fervent speeches, wrongly punctuated resolutions, or attempts to seem somewhat sociable. When he’s not grappling with mathematical expressions, he can be found perusing scholarly articles on Wikipedia and deciphering verses of poetry from the Roman Empire, often unwinding himself in the kitchen afterwards. Rumor has it that he can even be spotted at anime conventions around the area from time to time. Serving as the USG Delegate Affairs, Ken hopes to make this year’s conference an eventful experience for everyone!


Isabelle Cheng | USG Delegate Affairs |

Isabelle, a senior at York House, is thrilled to be serving on the VMUN Secretariat for a second year. After being exposed to her first MUN in gr. 9, she discovered that Model UN was a platform where passionate youth were able to voice their opinions and collaborate on global issues. But at VMUN is where she truly discovered her enthusiasm for connecting with people: as a leader, a listener, and a diplomat. When not preoccupied with worldly issues or delegate rooming conundrums, you can find Isabelle learning another language, shredding some powder on local ski mountains, or binge-watching Netflix. Isabelle is ecstatic to be USG of Delegate Affairs and wishes for all delegates, staff, and teachers an extraordinary experience at VMUN 2017.


Jason Qu | USG Finance |

A keen political observer and thinker from his early days, Jason has been involved with Model UN since his grade 6 years. In his last year as a grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Jason is honoured to serve as Under-Secretary General of Finance and Co-Speaker of the House of Commons Committee, an experience that will be both bittersweet but memorable. Outside of MUN, Jason dabbles in debate, entrepreneurialism, and physics. He is a great car enthusiast and a cyclist, and is a self-diagnosed insomniac, working both late at night and early in the morning on school work and other pursuits. Proud and honoured to be serving on the secretariat in his final year of high-school and MUN, VMUN 2017 is an experience Jason will not soon forget.


Jan Lim | USG Marketing |

Currently studying as an International Baccalaureate student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Jan’s passion for social entrepreneurship has led her to pursue a plethora of initiatives deepening her experiences in marketing. Outside of her responsibilities within the Model United Nations community, Jan serves as both Student Council President and Executive Director of Starts With One Vancouver. Furthermore, Jan is a Director of Marketing at the EMBRACE Foundation, an organization affiliated with the BC Children’s Hospital that will host its flagship fundraiser in June 2017. Jan is honoured to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Vancouver Model United Nations 2017, and looks forward to bringing all delegates the best experience VMUN has to offer.

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