Steven Long | Co-Secretary-General |

As frosty Aquilo spreads the seeds of winter over Vancouver’s verdant forests, the joy of serving as one of your Co-Secretaries-General for his second bout on the Secretariat fends off the cold wind from Steven’s soul. Rapidly deteriorating in Grade 12 at St. George’s School, this will be Steven’s final iteration of VMUN. Even if his more lucid memories of the committee room yield little more than half-baked resolutions, tea-themed soliloquies, and barely legible notes, this non-spectator sport still holds a special place in his heart. When he is not poring over spreadsheets, Steven can be found getting berated on Capitol Hill, struggling to recall the uses of the ablative at UBC, or trying to plan trips that will never happen. Steven is looking forward to yet another outstanding conference at VMUN 2020.

Alex Shojania | Co-Secretary-General |

A Grade 12 at St. George’s School, Alex’s road to Co-Secretary-General has been a long one. As this will be Alex’s 6th and final chapter in his personal VMUN history, Alex has quite the collection of memorable moments from previous iterations of the conference: crises solved, imbroglios averted, and friendships forged. In fact, Alex remembers his first year of Model UN fondly, specifically recalling not only his own determination at the time but his naïvety at the work to come in order to leave his mark on the MUN community. Besides his dabbling in the art of faux diplomacy, Alex enjoys photography, studying various languages, cycling, staring at spaghetti code, advocating for cryptocurrency, and taking his dog on long walks. Alongside his Co-SG, Alex plans to end his Model UN career with a spectacular VMUN 2020.


Jessica Lin | Chief of Staff |

Jessica is a Grade 12 student at Crofton House School and is ecstatic to serve as the Chief of Staff for VMUN 2020. Since walking into her first committee session as a timid and rather naive grade 8, Jessica has come to appreciate the professionalism and collaborative environment that encompass Model UN, as well as the existence of caffeine at two in the morning. Five short years later, Model UN has inexorably piqued Jessica’s interest in international relations and fostered her passion for politics and world affairs. Outside of Model UN, Jessica can be found quoting Machiavelli, reading the latest edition of The Economist, fretting over standardized tests, or hunting for Vancouver’s next best sunset. Jessica is unequivocally excited to witness a weekend of diplomacy, debate, and discussion at VMUN 2020.


Albert Chen | Director-General |

Albert is a Grade 12 student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Port Moody Secondary School. Since being introduced to Model United Nations in Grade 10, Albert was instantly captivated by the fiery debates, rigorous research, and realistic diplomacy. From overcoming his fear of public speaking and gaining critical thinking skills to building a global perspective of the world and fostering a passion for professionalism, Albert is honoured to serve as the Director-General for VMUN 2020. Outside his involvement in Model United Nations, Albert can be found running flights of stairs in Sauder Business School for business case competitions, exercising his passion for badminton, persevering in the infinite field of mathematics and physics HL, volunteering in arrays of NGO’s, binging YouTube, or his favourite: taking 6-hour naps. Albert is confident that all delegates at VMUN 2020 will have a truly phenomenal and unforgettable weekend of debate!


Jamin Feng | USG General Assemblies |

Jamin is currently a senior studying at St. George’s School who can’t wait for VMUN 2020! Ever since grade six, he’s fallen in love with Model United Nations – the debate, the frenzy, and the people. MUN has given him the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about global affairs and to learn different perspectives about controversial issues. More importantly, Model UN allowed him to overcome his fear of public speaking. Outside of MUN, Jamin likes to read exciting action novels, binge-watch The Office or other sitcoms, and, of course, procrastinate until the last possible moment. Jamin is excited to meet other like-minded, smart individuals in February. He is confident that VMUN 2020 will be the best iteration of the conference and hopes to see everyone there!


Ronald Wu | USG Specialized Agencies |

A Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Ronald is ecstatic to serve as your USG Specialized Agencies. Before drowning into the world of calculations of miles and scrutiny of aircrafts, he was introduced to the fascinating world of MUN since Grade 8. Until now he still believes that Model UN fosters dialogues between passionate youths for some of the most pressing concerns now and across historical times. With particular interest in law and human rights, Ronald also participates in Mock Trial and NGO organizations, representing the nation in 2018’s mock trial competition. Besides MUN and public speaking, Ronald likes investing his time travelling to the most random locations in the world, drinking sugar-free bubble tea, and soothing himself with EDM. Ronald looks forward to uphold the professionalism and the high quality of debate for VMUN 2020.


Carol Lu | USG Conference |

Carol is a Grade 12 student at Crofton House School and thrilled to be serving as the USG of Conference at VMUN 2020. After delegating at numerous sleepless hotel conferences since Grade 9, Carol is grateful for the educational opportunity and countless connections she has gained from the world of diplomacy. Outside of MUN, Carol passes her time binging Studio Ghibli movies, bothering her cats, chasing after a small green ball, listening to Asian-American music, and engaging in philosophically stimulating conversations with her friends in the early hours of the morning. Carol welcomes all delegates to VMUN 2020 and hopes to facilitate a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.



Christopher Bong | USG Finance |

Entering his final year of both high school and MUN, Christopher is delighted to serve as the USG of Finance for VMUN 2020. Having endured and subsequently enjoyed the initially tormenting task of explaining Honduras’ financial position to delegates of first-world countries back in 2016, Christopher had since fallen in love with every opportunity and memory that MUN has to offer. Apart from engaging in diplomatic negotiations, Christopher spends much of his time outside the committee room on his gastronomic manifesto. He can either be noticed indulging in cooking YouTube videos, attempting to create overly-complicated dishes, critiquing restaurants for no apparent reason, or struggling to keep alive his food page. Christopher wholeheartedly looks forward to an amazing weekend at VMUN 2020.


William Tsai | USG Delegate Affairs |

Currently in Grade 11 at St. George’s School, William is utterly honoured to serve as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2020. Having had the majority of his high school career engulfed by his love for Model UN, both delegating and directing at VMUN have been influential in the chronicle of his five-year-long MUN career. When not obsessing over crisis trees and drafting a multitude of unexplored crisis paths, William can be found slaving away on his school’s yearbook, advocating for the international recognition of Taiwan, hitting the buzzer right on time in the game that spawned Jeopardy, and learning an active, thriving, and vivacious language. William hopes to create an engaging and unforgettable experience for all the delegates present.


Vivian Gu | USG Delegate Affairs |

Despite the vicissitudes of her highschool career, one thing has stayed constant: her passion for discussion, diplomacy, and debate. Since the advent of her high school career, Model United Nations has grown into an insatiable craving. With every conference, she has captured unforgettable memories, and as such, her love for MUN only increases. Stepping into her Grade 11 year at Crofton House School, Vivian is exuberant to be serving as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2020. Outside of Model United Nations, Vivian can be caught binging late-night satires, trying her best to osmose her study notes, dragging her friends around to explore every dessert shop in Vancouver, convincing herself that she has a sense of direction, and curling up with a good book in her lap. Vivian looks forward to a weekend filled with riveting debate and discussion, and hopes to create an exceptional experience for all at VMUN 2020!


Christina Su | USG Design & Media |

As she enters her Grade 12 year at Crofton House School, Christina is beyond honoured to serve as the USG of Design & Media of VMUN 2020. Since she stepped into her first opening ceremony in Grade 9, she has grown to adore this riveting activity and treasured every weekend spent in the Hyatt Regency. From the delegate crowds to the dais table, and now to the secretariat desk, Christina can truly say that Model UN has played a pivotal role during her entire high school career. Outside of Model UN, Christina can be found cultivating her love-hate relationship with Adobe Creative Suite, losing track of time in Tarantino and Satoshi Kon movies, advocating for the legitimacy of pineapples on pizza, and hopelessly scrubbing paint out of her fingernails. Christina looks forward to a memorable weekend filled with mesmerizing debate and wishes all delegates the very best.


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