Ken Hong | Secretary-General |

Ken is a senior at St. George’s School. While his recollections of the committee room mostly feature half-baked resolutions and clumsy interactions, his six years of participation in Model United Nations have imbued him with a passion for global affairs and an appetite for cordial contention. Outside of MUN, he can often be found consuming wholesome content on the internet, forgetting his +c’s and struggling with curly-∂’s, mistaking the gerund for the gerundive, or unwinding himself in the kitchen. Rumor has it that he can even be spotted at local anime conventions from time to time. Ken is looking forward to a memorable weekend filled with deliberation and diplomacy and sincerely hopes that VMUN 2018 will be a fantastic experience for everyone.

Callum Shepard | Chief of Staff |

Callum Shepard is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School and is excited to serve as Chief of Staff for VMUN 2018. He has been involved in MUN since Grade 8; due to his passion for international affairs, he quickly fell in love with MUN. VMUN 2018 will be his 5th and final iteration of VMUN – attending as both delegate and staff member in the past. When not editing backgrounders, he can be found curled up with a good book, enjoying Vancouver’s culinary diversity, debating the merits of Post-Keynesian Economics, or enjoying the spectacular natural beauty of British Columbia. Callum hopes to give the delegates a memorable weekend of engaging, educational, and exhilarating debate and hopes you all have a fantastic experience at VMUN 2018.

Jerry Jiao | Director-General |

Jerry is a sleep-deprived senior hailing from Fraser Heights Secondary with a penchant for politics, philosophy, and unfortunately, puns. From attending his first conference just to avoid homework for a day to now scouring every opportunity to further his ever-growing passion for debate and diplomacy, he has loved every bit of this journey that has equipped him with an invaluable independence of thought and helped him gain a real appreciation for current events. When he isn’t binge watching Buzzfeed’s “Worth It”, Jerry enjoys being involved with the community, playing sports such as badminton and ultimate frisbee, and trying out new flavors of bubble tea. He is delighted to be serving as your Director-General this year and hopes to see you at VMUN 2018!

Andrew Wei | Director of Logistics |

Entering his final year in St. George’s School, Andrew is overjoyed to be serving as VMUN’s Director of Logistics, having been involved in MUN for five incredible years. Having participated in his first MUN in grade eight, he instantly fell in love with the feelings of exhilaration and euphoria that occur in every conference, whether it be the heated debate that takes place in a moderated caucus or the last-minute lobbying before a vote is called. Outside of the wild world of MUN, Andrew enjoys rowing, running, following obscure elections across the globe, struggling with InDesign, integrating over three dimensions and deciphering Caesar’s musings on invading Gaul. Andrew wishes all delegates the best of luck in their deliberations!

Jadine Ngan | USG General Assemblies |

Jadine is currently a senior at Richmond Christian School, thrilled to serve on the VMUN Secretariat for her fourth and final year of high school Model UN. Since her first fast-paced, highly-caffeinated experience at a conference, she has been enthralled by the world of MUN and appreciates the leadership opportunities, lasting friendships and personal growth with which her involvement has presented her. In her spare time, Jadine enjoys reading, writing, and playing guitar. She can also be found combing Vancouver for the best ice cream, feeding her rampant stationery addiction, and watching Jeopardy reruns. As the USG General Assemblies, she looks forward to facilitating an unforgettable weekend for all at VMUN 2018.

Eric Zhang | USG Specialized Agencies |

Eric Zhang is a senior at St. George’s School, and has been participating in MUN since Grade seven. His personal favourite MUN moments include making horrific grammar mistakes — to the dismay of his dais — in the IPC, trying to stop bio-terrorists in WHO, and helping his committee understand that “mangrove trees” are not the same as “man-growing trees” or “mango trees”. Outside of school, you can find Eric playing basketball and ultimate frisbee, absorbing wholesome knowledge through reading scholarly articles, or playing chess. Eric is absolutely honoured to be serving as the USG of Specialized Agencies at VMUN 2018, and looks forward to bringing all delegates, staff, and teachers the best experience VMUN has to offer.

Dillon Ramlochun | USG Conference |

Dillon is currently a senior at St. George’s School. Ever since his first introduction to MUN five years ago, Dillon’s interest in international relations and politics has grown and flourished through the intense debate and diplomacy that occurs at these conferences. Outside of MUN, Dillon enjoys taking the weights for a spin, hauling fish from the deep, and watching basketball. He is also known to trust the process, whatever that means. Excited and honoured to be serving as the USG Conference at his fifth and final VMUN, Dillon is looking forward to being a part of creating yet another wonderful and invaluable experience at this year’s conference.

Jerry Xu | USG Delegate Affairs |

A junior at St. George’s School, Jerry has been an active participant in the world of MUN for the past five years. Fond recollections of this non-spectator sport include enthusiastic speeches delivered past midnight, woefully inadequate resolutions with far too many sub-clauses, and excessively aggressive applause for the most trivial reasons. When he is not trying to cope a growing quantity of homework, Jerry can be found reading the works of his favourite philosophers, dabbling in poetry, listening to and occasionally singing opera, as well as discussing a variety of current events with his friends. Jerry is excited to be serving as the USG Delegate Affairs and looks forward to a wonderful conference.

Angelina Zhang | USG Delegate Affairs |

Angelina is a junior at Crofton House School and is ecstatic to be serving as the USG of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2018. Having first entered the world of MUN as a shy, ignorant grade 8, she has since embarked on a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences she will never forget. The exhilarating debates and innovative solutions have helped her form cherished friendships, and develop a keen interest in the people and world around her. Outside of MUN, Angelina can be found attempting to cook, watching random YouTube documentaries, or wandering aimlessly around Vancouver. Occasionally, she can also be found rewatching old TV shows from Disney’s prime. Angelina cannot wait to meet everyone at the conference, and will strive to make it nothing short of excellent!

Alan Chen | USG Finance |

Alan is currently a grade twelve student at St. George’s School. Having been involved in Model UN since grade 9, he will be serving as the USG Finance in his fourth and final iteration of VMUN: a journey that he will remember for the rest of his life. MUN spurred his passion for public speaking and allowed him to meet some of his closest friends. He hopes that VMUN 2018 will do the same for all the delegates. Outside of MUN, he is involved in parliamentary debating, filmmaking, and chemistry contests. He can also be found exploring cafes in downtown, catching up on a certain type of TV series featuring wholesome information, and walking his dear shibainu on UBC campus. Alan is very excited for VMUN 2018 and looks forward to working with all delegates and sponsor teachers!

Meghna Lohia | USG IT |

Currently a senior attending Crofton House School, Meghna is honoured to serve as the USG IT for VMUN 2018. Since her first impulsive decision to attend VMUN in the eighth grade, Meghna has grown to appreciate the fast-paced world of debate and diplomacy that the conference fosters. When she isn’t fiddling with style sheets, Meghna can be found onstage at the CHS Theatre, searching every corner of Vancouver for aesthetically pleasing coffee shops, or struggling to stay awake at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Proud to be serving on the Secretariat of the conference that sparked her interest in global affairs, Meghna wishes all delegates a memorable and eventful experience.