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William Tsai | Secretary-General |

Currently in Grade 12 at St. George’s School, William is pleased to serve as the Secretary-General of VMUN 2021. An avid enthusiast of politics, history, and international affairs, William was captivated by Model UN ever since witnessing his first committee session in Grade 6. Since then he has staffed multiple committees, passed countless resolutions, and submitted countless more crisis directives, turning strangers and unmet dais members into trusted friends. Outside of his involvement in Model UN, William is often seen working on his school’s yearbook, translating millennia-old Latin passages, and strongly defending his opinions on Cross-Strait relations. For the twentieth iteration of Vancouver Model United Nations, William looks forward to an engaging, unforgettable experience for everyone involved.


Vivian Gu | Director-General |

Since attending her first conference as an eager Grade 8, Vivian has fallen helplessly in love with the intriguing and enchanting world of Model United Nations. Changing her life for the better, Model United Nations has helped her discover her passion for international affairs, make irreplaceable memories, and form lifelong friendships. Currently in her Grade 12 year at Crofton House School, Vivian is exuberant to be serving as the Director-General of VMUN 2021. Outside of Model United Nations, Vivian can be caught binging late-night satires, trying her best to osmose her study notes, undertaking the mission of trying every dessert shop in Vancouver with her friends, convincing herself that she has a sense of direction, and curling up with a good book in her lap. Vivian looks forward to a weekend filled with riveting debate and discussion, and hopes to create an exceptional experience for all at VMUN 2021!


Tyler Rosenzweig | Director of Logistics |

Tyler is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School and is absolutely delighted to serve as the Director of Logistics for VMUN 2021. This will be Tyler’s fourth and final VMUN, and he cannot fully articulate how influential this conference has been to him. One of his most memorable experiences is when he first walked into a Hyatt Regency ballroom as Liberia in DISEC, but found himself falsifying his delegate identity as the “Pope”. In his spare time, Tyler can be found desperately locating the nearest McDonald’s, playing basketball, and crying after the New York Jets fail to make the playoffs for the tenth straight year. With many of his most cherished memories made engaging in this non-spectator sport, Tyler looks forward to a weekend of fruitful and inspiring debate for all.


Derek Wu | Chief of Staff |

A Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Derek is unequivocally honoured to serve as your Chief of Staff for VMUN 2021. Since first walking through the Hyatt Regency doors three years ago, exceedingly distraught over being assigned Mozambique in DISEC, Derek has grown to love the thrilling diplomacy and politics of Model United Nations, while cherishing the emphasis on teamwork that goes on behind the conference room walls. Now entering his fourth iteration of the conference, Derek hopes to instill that same passion within all delegates. When not brainstorming ideas for overly niche historical crises, Derek can be found reading about obscure Canadian political history, habitually listening to kdrama soundtracks on repeat, or tearfully watching the injury bug devastate his beloved San Francisco 49ers. Derek eagerly anticipates a weekend of exhilarating debate and hopes that all delegates have a VMUN experience they will never forget.


Joyce Chen | USG General Assemblies |

Joyce is a Grade 12 student at Little Flower Academy and is ecstatic to be serving as the USG of Committees, General Assemblies for VMUN 2021. It is with immeasurable gratitude that she credits Model UN for inciting her interest in international relations; countless conferences later, she has grown to consider opposing perspectives in her worldview, to remain cognizant of issues that persist beyond her own borders, and to engender this knowledge in generations of leaders to come. More importantly, however, she has found a second family in the people she met along the way. In her free time, Joyce enjoys watching sunsets, overanalyzing movies, playing volleyball, or reading about political theory. She sincerely looks forward to meeting you at VMUN 2021!


Ethan Jasny | USG Specialized Agencies |

A Grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy, Ethan is thrilled to be serving as the USG of Specialized Agencies at VMUN 2021. Ever since scrambling up the treacherous “Nature Walk” to reach the 34th floor for the League of Arab States in Grade 8, Ethan has been captivated by international humanitarian and political issues and has developed a passion for public speaking and debate. He is particularly grateful for the friends he has made along the way and the memories that he will cherish for the rest of his life. When not moderating cauci, Ethan enjoys playing the bass guitar, stress-eating popcorn, rooting for the perpetual underdog New York Yankees, collecting snow globes, and watching his favourite marble-racing team. He looks forward to seeing you all soon!


Vivian Liang | USG Conference |

Five years ago, Vivian started her Model UN journey as the shy, inexperienced delegate at the back of a VMUN conference room. Little by little, MUN has grown to be an irreplaceable patch of Vivian’s identity, helping form some of her closest and most treasured friends and memories. Vivian is currently a Grade 12 student at York House School and is beyond delighted to be serving as the USG of Conference for VMUN 2021. It is through Model UN that Vivian discovered her interest in humanitarian issues and she hopes that VMUN can help you discover your passions too. Outside the conference room, Vivian is an avid matcha enthusiast, an overly competitive recreational water polo player, and a 24/7 therapist for her friends. Vivian is confident that VMUN 2021 will be one to remember and can not wait to meet you all soon!



Jonah Ezekiel | USG Finance |

Looking back on his highschool career, some of Jonah’s fondest memories and most transformative moments have occurred in the VMUN committee room. He still remembers the flurry of nervousness and excitement that came with stepping up to the podium for the first time and snippets of his speech on the dangers of hydraulic fracturing. He is delighted to be serving as the USG of Finance for his final iteration of this extraordinary conference, and have a part in bringing similar meaningful experiences to delegates. When not busy with the world of diplomacy, Jonah can be found fixing his 3D printer, writing then having to rewrite unreadable code, or discussing solutions to climate change. Though certainly different, Jonah looks forward to an equally rewarding and memorable weekend at VMUN 2021. “See” you there!


Laura Choi | USG Communications |

Currently, in her final year of both High school and Model UN, Laura is a Grade 12 student attending Pacific Academy and is honoured to serve as the USG Communications for this unprecedented iteration of VMUN 2021. Since her first conference where she recited a pre-written speech with shaking vocal cords, to the “delegate decorum”s she yelled across a bustling committee room, her passion for international relations and diplomacy has also only grown. More importantly, she made unforgettable friends and memories both inside and outside of the committee room. Aside from Model UN, Laura can be found starting up her pomelo farm, driving around with sub-par skills, and ki-apping around her Taekwondo gym. All formalities aside, Laura looks forward to the most unforgettable and innovative VMUN Conference yet, and she looks forward to seeing all of you there!


Armaan Jaffer | USG Delegate Affairs |

A Grade 11 student attending St. George’s School, Armaan is honoured to be serving as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs for VMUN 2021. Armaan’s Model UN journey first began at VMUN, and his experiences at the conference—whether they be from delegating or directing—form some of his fondest memories. Ever since raising his placard for the first time, Armaan has learned to recognize the value of listening to a variety of different perspectives and not being afraid to voice and share his own ideas. When not dressed in western business attire, Armaan can be found learning new (and old) languages, playing on the soccer field, and exploring unknown places. Armaan is confident that this year’s iteration of VMUN will be one to remember, and is looking forward to a weekend filled with captivating debate and discussion.


Mia Tsao | USG Delegate Affairs |

Entering her grade 11 year at Crofton House School, Mia is thrilled to be serving as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs for VMUN 2021. Since her very first conference, Mia’s passion for politics and international affairs has only grown, as she is captivated time and time again by the intense debate that committee sessions foster. Despite the exhaustion of sleepless nights and the organized chaos that is typing crisis directives, Mia can only recall her memories in the MUN circuit with a genuine adoration. Outside of Model UN Mia can be found testing her non-existent driving skills, discovering new restaurants, binge-watching the Studio Ghibli films and discussing with friends about the significance of a good nap. Her affinity towards these hobbies, though, pale in comparison to her passion for ensuring delegates attending VMUN 2021 a memorable experience.


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