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Armaan Jaffer | Secretary-General |

Armaan is honoured to serve as the Secretary-General of VMUN 2022—his sixth and final VMUN conference, and the capstone on a Model UN career that began at VMUN 2017. Although he developed an unparalleled passion for the logistical side of Model UN as a conference organizer, he will never forget the thrills he encountered as a delegate and the gratification of directing. His experiences at VMUN form a crucial layer in his high-school journey: exploring the complexities of extradition as the United Kingdom in the Office on Drugs and Crime and navigating through the tumultuous War of 1812 are perhaps some of his fondest recollections. Outside of Model UN, Armaan can be found translating millenia-old texts, playing on the soccer field, or pursuing his obsession of aviation photography. Armaan is confident that this year’s iteration of VMUN will be one to remember, and looks forward to a weekend filled with captivating debate and discussion.


Andrew Liu | Chief of Staff |

Currently in his Grade 12 year at St. George’s School, Andrew is honoured to serve as Chief of Staff for VMUN 2022. Since walking into his first committee session as Mauritania in the African Union in Grade 9, Andrew has come to appreciate the competitive dynamism and collaborative environment that encompasses Model UN, as well as the lasting friendships forged in the heat of committee debate. His committee experiences, both as a delegate and staff member, have instilled in him a passion for the intricacies of global politics and diplomacy. Beyond Model UN, Andrew enjoys reading about nineteenth-century European history, watching the latest movies, and—during the wintertime—descending snowy mountain peaks on his snowboard. Andrew looks forward to an engaging, unforgettable experience for everyone at the twenty-first iteration of Vancouver Model United Nations.


Mia Tsao | Director-General |

Entering her final year in the MUN circuit and gripped with a certain twang on her heart, Mia recalls the numerous ways in which her unapologetic zeal for international affairs grew within committee room walls. Since her first moderated caucus, Mia has been captivated time and time again by the intense debate and camaraderie hotel conference rooms seemed to foster. Now, a Grade 12 student attending Crofton House School, she is beyond thrilled to be serving as the Director-General for VMUN 2022. When not stressing over speech adjectives, Mia can be found testing her non-existent driving skills, binge-watching Studio Ghibli films, and discussing the significance of a good nap with friends. Her affinity towards these hobbies, however, pale in comparison to her passion for ensuring that delegates have an unforgettable experience.


Eric Li | Director of Logistics |

Eric is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School and is beyond honoured to serve as the Director of Logistics for Vancouver Model United Nations 2022. Having embarked on his Model UN journey in ninth grade, he is entering the fourth and final year of his profoundly fruitful involvement in the activity. He is eternally grateful for the invaluable knowledge he’s gained within the realms of debate and international relations, not to mention the lifelong friendships and unforgettable experiences that Model UN has afforded him. Outside of the committee room, Eric can be found stressing on the regular about coursework, indulging in Japanese rice burgers, taking fantasy soccer far too seriously, and furthering his interests in economics and sociology. Eric is incredibly excited to meet everyone at VMUN 2022, and he simply cannot wait for a weekend filled to the brim with dynamism, dedication, and diplomacy.


Caitlin Adams | USG General Assemblies |

In her final year at Crofton House School and in high-school Model UN, Caitlin is elated to serve as the USG of General Assemblies at VMUN 2022 and cannot wait to watch the conference come to fruition. Ever since conquering the Hyatt Regency’s Nature Walk in six-inch heels and representing Sudan at VMUN 2018, her love for the MUN community has only grown. Since the beginning of her MUN career, she has managed government intel in espionage situations during crises, argued for the implementation of vertical farming and aquaponics systems near vulnerable agricultural land, and learned how to craft inspiring, personal speeches without the use of personal pronouns. Outside of Model UN, Caitlin can be found scuba diving around deepwater coral gardens across the Lower Mainland, sparring at her local martial arts studio, tutoring children, and reading an eclectic range of books. She cannot wait to meet both beginner and returning delegates at VMUN 2022!


Joshua Dar Santos | USG Specialized Agencies |

A Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Joshua is beyond delighted to serve as the USG of Specialized Agencies for VMUN 2022. Joshua distinctly remembers his first iteration of VMUN in Grade 8, representing the delegate from the Philippines in the World Health Organization and being unaware of the vast world of debate and compromise that awaited him. Through his experiences—particularly in crisis committees—he came to appreciate the timeless relationships created by the non-spectator sport of Model UN. Outside of the committee room, Joshua can be found expanding his knowledge of European history, ranting about the Vancouver Canucks, and attempting to improve his Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro skills. Joshua looks forward to the twenty-first iteration of Vancouver Model United Nations and hopes that it is just as unforgettable as it is captivating.


David Deng | USG Operations |

David is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School and is excited to serve as the USG of Operations for VMUN 2022. Ever since his first VMUN experience in 9th grade, David has grown to treasure every committee session, second, and moment spent in the Hyatt Regency. Now, in his final year of Model United Nations, David is sure that VMUN 2022 will add to his list of unforgettable MUN experiences and that delegates will feel the same energy and satisfaction that his past conferences have brought him. Outside of MUN, David can be found hacking substantial amounts of grass with his golf clubs, going on sunset bike rides, and competing in case competitions. David looks forward to a memorable weekend and wishes all delegates the very best.


Emily Chen | USG Conference |

A Grade 12 student at Semiahmoo Secondary, Emily is ecstatic to serve as the USG of Conference for VMUN 2022. Being in her final year of MUN, she has created many unforgettable memories; as a shy delegate raising her placard for the very first time; as a staff member directing the course of a committee; to now being one of the many who work behind the scenes of the conference to provide an experience for delegates to enjoy. MUN has helped her discover her interest for international relations and global politics and has truly shaped Emily as a person, a speaker and a diplomat. Outside of MUN, Emily can be found juggling the workload of IB 12, preparing for all kinds of exams, and trying all types of boba. Emily is looking forward to meeting all delegates and is sure that VMUN 2022 will be a unique and unforgettable experience for all.


Daniel Aminbakhsh | USG Finance |

Daniel is currently in Grade 12 at St. George’s School and is honoured to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Finance for this iteration of VMUN. After first participating in MUN in Grade 9, Daniel has developed an admiration for politics and diplomacy through his participation in several conferences. Furthermore, through his exploration of finance in his personal life, he is thrilled to combine both interests for VMUN. Outside of MUN, Daniel can be found appreciating the fine creative work of Nintendo, loudly discussing politics in AP European History, and expanding his knowledge on commercial aviation. Daniel looks forward to a weekend of intense debate and sleepless nights, and he hopes that every delegate has an exceptional and memorable experience.


Richard Chen | USG Delegate Affairs |

A Grade 11 student at St. George’s School, Richard is honoured to serve as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2022. Ever since falling asleep in the midnight crisis at his first VMUN as the delegate of Yemen, Richard’s passion for the non-spectator sport known as Model UN has only grown. Over the five years since then, Richard has come to appreciate all the intricacies of MUN: the engaging debate, midnight crises, and the gratifying feeling of fulfilment at the end of the conference. Outside of MUN, Richard can be found exploring Vancouver’s diverse culinary scene, reading about European history, and trying obscure openings on the chess board. Richard looks forward to meeting all delegates and hopes that VMUN 2022 will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for all!


Lauren Thomas | USG Delegate Affairs |

Currently in her Grade 11 year at Crofton House School, Lauren is delighted to serve as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2022. Her interest in Model UN was sparked by the six years she lived in Singapore, which opened her eyes to the importance of international relations in today’s world. Over the course of the last four years that she has spent in MUN, she has developed an appreciation for the difficulty of diplomacy and global cooperation—hopefully improving her own skills at the same time. Apart from participating in MUN, Lauren enjoys reading in every genre from classics to economics, trying to improve her French skills, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family. Lauren is incredibly excited to meet all delegates, and she hopes that VMUN 2022 will be a memorable weekend!


Sakura Gibson | USG Design & Media |

Currently in her Grade 12 year at Crofton House School, Sakura is delighted to be serving as the USG of Design and Media for VMUN 2022. She became enthralled with Model UN while attending her first conference, where she was assigned as the one and only Chinese Communist Party delegate in a room full of delegates representing the Chinese Nationalist Party—an experience she will never forget. Ever since then, she has further engaged in the realm of MUN where she has made a countless number of speeches, memories, and friendships. Beyond the committee room, Sakura can be found making matcha ice cream, attempting to draw realistic illustrations, and strengthening her driving skills. Sakura hopes that all delegates will immerse themselves in debate and diplomacy at VMUN 2022, providing everyone with an unforgettable experience. 

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