Jerry Xu | Secretary-General |

As autumn leaves yield to wintry snow, as melancholic poetry cedes to soul-rending prose, this season of inconstancy has but one certainty—that this chronically-sleep-deprived senior is beyond honoured to serve as your Secretary-General for VMUN 2019. Though the evanescent remnants of his “fondest moments” of the committee room invariably feature woefully inadequate resolutions, clumsy interactions, and the ubiquitous aggressive applause, he still maintains that some of his most treasured memories are of MUN. Outside of this world of MUN that has become his personal obsession for the past six years, Jerry can be found mustering his courage to actually start doing his homework, mistaking his gerundives for his gerunds, and reading the works of his favourite authors. Jerry is looking forward to a wonderful conference filled with exciting debate.

Nick Young | Chief of Staff |

Nick is a senior at St. George’s School. His experiences in Model UN since joining in ninth grade are always exhilaratingposing as an NGO worker in multiple committees, scrambling to complete resolutions late at night, and guest speaking in amazing roles. As the Chief of Staff, Nick hopes to bring that same level of excitement to delegates this VMUN. Outside of Model UN, Nick is often forgetting semicolons in Java, trying to learn another Adobe software product, picking up a new hobby, wearing his burgundy suit, or doing schoolwork. Nick hopes that all delegates at VMUN have a phenomenal weekend of debate, and he wishes them all the best.

Angelina Zhang | Director-General |

Angelina is a senior at Crofton House School and is delighted to serve as the Director-General of VMUN 2019. As she enters her fifth year of high school MUN, she is both surprised and relieved to say that despite her short attention span, she has not yet grown bored of the activity. On the contrary, she has become increasingly captivated by this world of intense debate and diplomatic affairs, and is astounded by how it never fails to offer something new and exciting. Outside of MUN, Angelina enjoys taking very long naps, watching obscure YouTube documentaries, and attempting to follow ridiculously simple recipes. Occasionally, she can also be found rewatching old TV shows from Disney’s prime. Angelina cannot wait to meet everyone at the conference, and will strive to make it nothing short of excellent!

Allan Lee | Director of Logistics |

Entering his final year of high school at St. George’s School, Allan is ecstatic to serve as the Director of Logistics for VMUN 2019. MUN has been a critical aspect of Allan’s high school experience, giving him opportunities to consider different global perspectives and meet new people. Whether it be the fierce debates happening in committee rooms or the creation of creative solutions to problems of the world, Allan is always ready to participate. In his spare time, Allan enjoys making music videos about the SAT and AP exams, binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, quoting Dwight from The Office, and reading The Economist to pretend that he is an intellectual. Allan looks forward to VMUN 2019 and wishes everyone the best.

Katherine Zheng | USG General Assemblies |

Katherine is a senior at Crofton House School and is thrilled to serve as the USG of General Assemblies at VMUN 2019. Ever since attending her first MUN conference in Grade 8, Katherine has been captivated by the fast-paced debate and has found a deep passion for global affairs. Throughout the past five years, she has gained an immense wealth of knowledge and has formed lifelong friendships. When not doing MUN work, debating, or cramming for tests, Katherine can be found eating, sleeping, listening to K-pop, or watching random movies and TV shows on Netflix. Katherine is excited to meet everyone at VMUN and looks forward to another exceptional iteration!

Omar Kassam | USG Specialized Agencies |

Omar is a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School and has the distinct honour of serving as the USG of Specialized Agencies for VMUN 2019. Ever since his first taste of Model United Nations in Grade 7, Omar has been captivated by this world of intricate statecraft, outsized personalities, and exhilarating crises. Having delegated and staffed at five successive iterations of this exceptional conference, Omar is pleased to conclude his VMUN journey as a Secretariat member. Outside of Model UN, Omar can be found attempting to learn Latin without cases or declensions, binge-watching political satires, and perusing licentious literature. Omar anticipates a fruitful and inspiring weekend of debate and wishes delegates the best in their deliberations.

Megan Syho | USG Conference |

Megan is a senior at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School and is ecstatic to serve as the USG of Conference for VMUN 2019. With VMUN being the first place where she began her MUN journey, Megan is proud to be ending off her last high school year as a Secretariat member for this conference. Since joining Model UN, Megan has fallen in love with the professionalism and unique environment that it provides. From the heated debate to the numerous friendships made, she has witnessed delegates grow both in their potential and skill. When not dressed in western business attire, Megan can probably be found listening to generic radio music, running track and field, sneaking another purchase of bubble tea, or simply scrolling through the internet. Megan looks forward to organizing an outstanding conference and she is excited to watch friendships form and witness stellar debate at VMUN 2019!

David Ni | USG Finance |

As the scent of bittersweet almonds lingers in the air, the pleasure of serving as the USG of Finance for his sixth and final iteration of VMUN warms this senior’s heart. In his younger and more vulnerable years, he had been entrenched in the cryptic and esoteric subject that is politics; thus, MUN naturally became an opportunity to inculcate his name on the bureaucratic battlefields. But now, when not freeloading off art room supplies, he can be found enjoying a Marquez or Kundera, browsing InDesign tutorials, or debating the nuances of Asiatic culture. With rhapsody in his eyes, David looks forward to making acquaintances of everyone in January.

Steven Long | USG Delegate Affairs |

A junior at St. George’s School physically deteriorating at an alarming rate, Steven is absolutely delighted to serve as one of your two USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2019. This will be Steven’s second VMUN, and he cannot fully articulate how important, influential, and momentous this conference has been to him. MUN has a special place in Steven’s heart, right next to Alex Shojania. Outside of this all-consuming activity, Steven can be found poorly scanning Vergil’s great works, hitting the buzzer too late in the game that spawned Jeopardy, idly browsing Wiktionary, or shamefully savouring Oriental artwork. With many of his most cherished memories made engaging in this non-spectator sport, Steven foresees an incredibly memorable and rewarding weekend for all.

Alex Shojania | USG Delegate Affairs |

Currently in Grade 11 at St. George’s School, Alex is excited to be serving as one of the two USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2019. As this will be Alex’s fifth VMUN ever, Alex has quite the collection of memorable moments from previous iterations of the conference, including all the friendships he has made through MUN over the years. MUN has a special place in Alex’s heart, right next to Steven Long. Besides MUN, Alex enjoys photography, studying various languages, abandoning engineering projects, hitting the buzzer too early in the game that spawned Jeopardy, drinking canned coffees, and taking his dog on long walks. Alex looks forward to maintaining VMUN’s incredible legacy with VMUN 2019.

Derick Yuan | USG IT |

Derick is a sleep-deprived senior at Fraser Heights Secondary with a penchant for public speaking, technologies, and binge-eating junk food in the name of acquiring “gains”. Having entered this rollercoaster ride known as Model UN two years ago, Derick has gained invaluable leadership skills and cultivated lasting friendships. Despite numerous bumps along the way, this joyride of an endeavour has ultimately brought the USG IT closer to the sky. VMUN 2019 will be the beginning of the end for him, as it is the first conference of his senior year. Thus, he seeks to create an unforgettable experience for not only himself and his fellow Secretariat members, but also all attendees in January. On the rare occasion that Derick isn’t doing MUN-related work, he can be found on the badminton court, trying out new foods, rewatching his favourite shows, or hanging out with his boys on a Saturday night. Derick wishes all delegates the best of luck at VMUN 2019!