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Darren Tsai

Darren Tsai | Secretary-General |

Currently in his Grade 12 year at St. George’s School, Darren is honoured to serve as the Secretary-General for VMUN 2024. Since first blindly walking into the Regency Ballroom five years ago unaware of the vast world of Model UN that awaited him, Darren has grown an unparalleled admiration for this non-spectator sport, both as a delegate and a staff member. Highlights of his time at VMUN include trading partisan jabs during Question Period in the House of Commons and exploring the destabilization of Mali in DISEC. But above all, he has come to love the logistical side of Model UN, working behind the scenes as a conference organizer. When not banging on a gavel, Darren can be found watching the latest political bloopers, browsing through obscure Wikipedia articles, and arguing how Apple Maps is objectively worse than Google Maps. Darren looks forward to creating an exciting and unforgettable weekend, and is confident that VMUN 2024 will be the best iteration yet.

Leia Tsao

Leia Tsao | Director-General |

Currently a Grade 12 student at Crofton House School, it is Leia’s distinct honour to serve as the Director-General for VMUN 2024. As a timid Grade 8 student walking through the halls of the Hyatt Regency and entering the committee of SOCHUM, Leia was certain that VMUN could only be daunting for such an inexperienced delegate like herself. Yet miraculously, amidst the captivating environment of a general committee room, Leia had grown to deeply admire the intense debate and camaraderie hotel conference rooms seemed to foster. In her spare time, Leia can be discovered spending time with her German Shepard “Jiro,” watching her pet turtle named “Turtle” struggle to remain upright, and producing films with her close friends. Leia believes that VMUN is a prime example of what young, innovative minds can accomplish when dedicated to fostering the education and growth of others, and is beyond ecstatic to ensure attending delegates an unforgettable experience.

Hugo Lam

Hugo Lam | Chief of Staff |

A Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Hugo is delighted to serve as the Chief of Staff for VMUN 2024. Ever since joining his first Zoom committee room four years ago as a shy and uncertain delegate, Hugo has been captivated by the intense debate and diplomacy that Model UN has to offer. Through his experiences, Hugo has come to greatly appreciate the unforgettable experiences that this non-spectator sport has brought for him and the countless friendships forged in the committee room. It was through Model UN where Hugo cultivated a passion for international affairs and broadened his perspective on global issues through debate. Outside of Model UN, Hugo can be found attempting to convert gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy on ski hills, eagerly trying every new Boba place in Vancouver, and biking along the West Coast with friends and family. He looks forward to creating an exceptional weekend and is ecstatic to meet all delegates attending VMUN 2024.

Pradyun Chebolu

Pradyun Chebolu | Director of Logistics |

A Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Prad is honoured to serve as the Director of Logistics for VMUN 2024. Prad finds himself frequently reminiscing on the hours of arduous preparation that led to enriching debates, friendships, and long-lasting memories. As a nervous 13-year-old presenting his trembly speech to a room full of those towering above him, Prad can confidently say that Model UN has shaped him into where he is today. From inciting a love for global affairs to discovering his personality with the eloquence of speech, Prad is extremely grateful for the invaluable knowledge he has gained through Model UN. Outside of the committee room, Prad can be seen biking around Richmond, working on his cricket skills, or trying to find a good TV show or book to immerse himself in. Prad hopes that everyone can ignite their passion for Model UN over this weekend, and forge cherished experiences that last for years to come.

Emmy Wang

Emmy Wang | USG General Assemblies |

A Grade 12 student at Thomas Haney Secondary School, Emmy is honoured to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies at VMUN 2024. From her first conference in a 12-hour-long Zoom room three years ago, Emmy has come to cherish and appreciate the dynamism of Model UN. These long days yet short weekends are marked by fervent debate, stacks of notepads, and wrinkled blazers. When not faced with backgrounders and deadlines, Emmy enjoys climbing fake rocks, looking at bunnies, and trying new cafes. Alongside the VMUN Secretariat, Emmy wishes everyone the best of luck in their preparations for the weekend!

Angelina Yeung

Angelina Yeung | USG Specialized Agencies |

Currently in their final year of high school, Angelina is honoured to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Specialized Agencies for VMUN 2024. Angelina first stepped into a committee room in Grade 8 after relentless coercion from their school’s Model UN club captains, resulting in a fascination with global affairs and politics. From the chaotic discourse to the crowded elevators, Model UN has undoubtedly been an unforgettable and incredible part of their high school journey. When not editing backgrounders, you can catch Angelina at slam events, sorting through piles at book sales, or crocheting while catching up on movies. Angelina wishes everyone the best of luck in their preparations and hopes they have an unforgettable weekend at VMUN.

Daniel Cao

Daniel Cao | USG Committees |

Entering his Grade 11 year of high school, Daniel is beyond honoured to serve as the USG Committees for VMUN 2024. The first time he entered the committee room with his double delegation partner, he spoke merely once in a jittery 20-second speech, panicking at the number of people in the room. After almost half a decade later, MUN has become a definitive pillar of Daniel’s high school career with memories that he will cherish forever. From the lifelong friendships he has made to the thrill of debate, MUN has always been a highlight of the year. Beyond the committee rooms, Daniel can be found micro-analyzing his Instagram page in an attempt to perfect it, endlessly scrolling through videos for fashion inspiration, and struggling to grasp the intuition of his peers’ math proofs. Daniel wishes everyone the best of luck and hopes VMUN will be a rewarding experience.

Daniel Zhang

Daniel Zhang | USG Operations |

Venturing into his Grade 12 year at Mount Douglas Secondary School, it is Daniel’s distinct honour to serve as the USG of Operations for VMUN 2024. While Daniel’s entrance into the world of Model UN was a result of peer pressure and promises of “Vancouver Boba,” he soon found a place for himself within the intricate debates and caffeine fueled crises. Ever since that first conference, Daniel’s passion for Model UN has only grown. From eloquent speeches on pineapple cakes, to nights lost pondering the implications of a committee room watermelon, the joy of Model UN has rooted itself within his memories. Outside committee doors, Daniel can be found cooking up concoctions that barely pass as food, perfecting his “KR&B” playlists and coding random projects that drift into his mind. Within his final year in the world of Model UN, Daniel looks forward to creating an unforgettable experience for all delegates at VMUN 2024!

Geoffrey Yee

Geoffrey Yee | USG Conference |

Currently a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, Geoffrey is honoured to serve as the USG of Conference for VMUN 2024. Ever since his first Model UN conference nearly six years ago, Geoffrey’s passion for diplomacy and history has only grown. As his MUN career comes to a close, Geoffrey will cherish the fiery debates, sleepless nights, and priceless friendships that have made his Model UN experience so memorable. Outside of MUN, Geoffrey can be found sliding around on the curling rink, watching movies with his peers, fixing his robot into the late hours of the night, or camping out in the ceramics studio obsessing over his latest sculpture. Geoffrey looks forward to an exciting weekend at VMUN 2024 and hopes everyone will have an unforgettable experience.

George Sun

George Sun | USG Finance |

Currently in his final year at St. George’s School, George is honoured to serve as the USG of Finance for VMUN 2024. After being coerced into joining Model UN from his sister, George eventually found his footing in the committee room. Since starting his Model UN career six years ago—speaking just once at his first conference—George’s passion for this non-spectator sport has only grown. From the thrill of debate to the invaluable friendships and memories being made, Model UN will forever hold a special place in George’s heart. In his spare time, George can be found playing basketball, obsessively updating his Spotify playlist, or journaling on his rooftop. George is excited to meet everyone and hopes VMUN 2024 will be a memorable weekend for all.

Jenna Jaffer

Jenna Jaffer | USG Delegate Affairs |

A Grade 11 student at Crofton House School, Jenna is honoured to serve as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2024. While her first experiences within committee room doors were riddled with hesitance, Jenna quickly uncovered a fascination for the complexities of global affairs. Having engaged in the circuit for three years, Jenna has Model UN to thank for expanding her international mindset, granting her cherished memories, and connecting her to like-minded peers across the world. Outside of the committee room, Jenna can be found playing tennis with her friends, spending time at the beach, and indulging in Vancouver’s diverse restaurant scene. At the upcoming iteration of VMUN, Jenna eagerly anticipates a weekend of fierce deliberation, meaningful conversation, and hotel camaraderie.

Derek Li

Derek Li | USG Delegate Affairs |

A Grade 11 student at St. George’s School, Derek is beyond honoured to serve as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs at VMUN 2024. In the five years since his entry into this frenetic non-spectator sport, Derek has grown to love the organised chaos of debate and diplomacy at Model UN. From hashing out the most minute details of working papers to devising intricate directives, not to mention sprinting up flights of stairs, Derek has cherished every moment of it. Outside of Model UN, Derek can be found racking his brain over ancient vocabulary and math solutions, “diplomatically discussing” the latest soccer match with his friends, and smashing buzzers. Derek looks forward to meeting all delegates and hopes that VMUN 2024 will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Krisalyn Yeung

Krisalyn Yeung | USG Design & Media |

In her final year at Crofton House School, Krisalyn is proud to serve as the USG of Design and Media at VMUN 2024. Watching her peers in MUN club since Grade 8, Krisalyn has always been intrigued by their collective passion and enthusiasm for debate. The communal and bustling nature of her first conference was captivating and has left her indelible memories with not only her friends but also the like-minded individuals she met there. In her free time, Krisalyn enjoys browsing YouTube for baking videos and gameplay, snapping shots with her Hello Kitty camera, and mindlessly spending hours tinkering on Illustrator. Taking her passion for design, Krisalyn is excited to delve further into the world of MUN to capture and share an unforgettable experience at VMUN this coming year!

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