Canadian House of Commons

The House of Commons of Canada is vastly different from the typical MUN committee experience. Abandon the diplomatic, ordered debate of the United Nations and plunge into the thrilling world of party politics, parliamentary strategy and Question Period. Debate issues that strike closer to home, and connect to how your pursuits, if made real, could deeply affect the future of Canada. This is what prospective Members of Parliament should expect upon joining this exciting and exclusive VMUN committee.

In its eighth year running, the HOC will attempt to accurately model the essence of the real House of Commons, the most important legislative body in Canada. Members will have the opportunity to represent Canadians in ridings from coast to coast to coast, and be part of federal political parties. Along with holding sessions in the entire House, members will be part of three specialized Standing Committees that will take a more in-depth look at national issues.

Prospective members should have an interest or a desire to learn more about Canada and Canadian politics, and be prepared to work with fellow party members as a team to achieve political goals. PMRs, the HOC counterpart to position papers, are mandatory for all members, and it is expected that members thoroughly prepare and research their roles. The HOC is a challenging yet exhilarating committee that will undoubtedly grant invaluable insight into the hallowed halls of Canada’s Parliament.

Members of the House of Commons will write Private Members’ Resolutions (PMRs) in lieu of position papers. PMRs are mandatory, and must be submitted by February 7th, 2020, at 23:59 PST. More information about PMRs can be found in the Private Member’s Resolution Guide.

Topic: Reforming the Canadian Healthcare System (Click to show summary)

Ethan Jasny

Ethan Jasny | Co-Speaker

Currently a Grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy, Ethan is delighted to be serving as a Co-Speaker of the House of Commons at VMUN 2020. Ethan previously served as a delegate and later a clerk on the House of Commons, and is excited to share the responsibility of directing one of VMUN’s most unique committees. He hopes to help delegates grow a passion for Canadian politics, as its intricacies — both good and bad — are revealed. Outside of MUN, Ethan enjoys debating, public speaking, hiking, watching Netflix, and playing the bass guitar. He looks forward to a weekend of spirited debate and an exploration of the many traditions surrounding the Canadian parliamentary system. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions. Ethan is very excited to meet you all!

Othman Mekhloufi

Othman Mekhloufi | Co-Speaker

With a profound love for Model UN, Othman is nothing short of honoured to serve as a Co-Speaker of the House of Commons at VMUN 2020. Entering his 11th grade at University Hill Secondary, time is only becoming more of a crunch with MUN involvement. Apart from simulating the invigorating world of UN debate he takes so deeply to heart, Othman is employed as a writer and reporter at the news publication, 71 Republic — which he is nonetheless heavily dedicated to. Journalistic integrity and spirit is something that always resonated with him. He heavily looks forward to a weekend full of learning, debate, and extending the branch of passion for MUN he holds true to himself.

Cynthia Gan

Cynthia Gan | Clerk

Cynthia is currently a junior at Richmond Christian School and is delighted to be serving as a Clerk in the House of Commons committee at VMUN 2020. Starting Model UN at the beginning of her sophomore year, she was captivated by the unique and witty nature of HOC at VMUN 2019; it has since fostered in her a passion and love for global affairs, diplomacy, and the opportunity to work with the most intelligent and motivated community of students in the lower mainland. Outside of Model UN, she enjoys debating, contemporary poetry, volunteering in her community, and dabbling in music. She looks forward to welcoming delegates to an exciting weekend of debate, leadership, and diplomacy.

Annie Tsoromocos

Annie Tsoromocos | Clerk

Annie Tsoromocos is currently a senior at York House School and is absolutely delighted to be serving as a Clerk of the House of Commons at VMUN 2020. Model UN has made a tremendous impact on Annie’s high school experience; the memories she has made both in her school’s club and at conferences are ones she will not forget. She is confident that VMUN 2020 will be another conference full of amazing debate and more memorable moments. Outside of Model UN, Annie can be found studying at her neighbourhood Starbucks, discussing breaking news with her MUN Advisor, or seeing one of her countless Greek relatives wherever she goes. Annie is eagerly looking forward to meeting all of the delegates and wishes them the best of luck in the conference preparations.

Jonah Ezekiel

Jonah Ezekiel | Clerk

Currently a junior at St. George’s School, Jonah has been participating in MUN since Grade 8. Although he may not have raised his placard once at his first conference, he has come to love the activity, for its unique ability to be so exciting and meaningful at the same time. He has a particular fondness for the HOC, having delegated in the committee twice in the past 3 years. When not involved with MUN, Jonah can be found 3D printing stuff or playing basketball, even though he knows he will never make the team. As this special weekend approaches, Jonah looks forward to helping delegates gain a sense of global awareness, confidence, and connections, in what is surely one of the most exciting committees VMUN has to offer.

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. PMRs must also be submitted to this address.

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