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Canadian House of Commons

The House of Commons of Canada is vastly different from the typical MUN committee experience. Abandon the diplomatic, ordered debate of the United Nations and plunge into the thrilling world of party politics, parliamentary strategy and Question Period. Debate issues that strike closer to home, and connect to how your pursuits, if made real, could deeply affect the future of Canada. This is what prospective Members of Parliament should expect upon joining this exciting and exclusive VMUN committee.

In its tenth year running, the HOC will attempt to accurately model the essence of the real House of Commons, the most important legislative body in Canada. Members will have the opportunity to represent Canadians in ridings from coast to coast to coast, and be part of federal political parties. Along with holding sessions in the entire House, members will be part of three specialized Standing Committees that will take a more in-depth look at national issues.

Prospective members should have an interest or a desire to learn more about Canada and Canadian politics, and be prepared to work with fellow party members as a team to achieve political goals. PMRs, the HOC counterpart to position papers, are mandatory for all members, and it is expected that members thoroughly prepare and research their roles. The HOC is a challenging yet exhilarating committee that will undoubtedly grant invaluable insight into the hallowed halls of Canada’s Parliament.

Members of the House of Commons will write Private Members’ Resolutions (PMRs) in lieu of position papers. PMRs are mandatory and must be submitted by April 17, 2022, at 23:59 PST. More information about PMRs can be found in the Private Member’s Resolution Guide.

Topic: Drug and Substances Reform (Click to show summary)


Megan Tai | Speaker

Megan is currently a Grade 12 student at Little Flower Academy. She is delighted to be serving as the Speaker of the House of Commons at VMUN 2022. Ever since her first Model UN conference in 2019, she has developed a passion for politics, foreign affairs, and leadership. Model UN has also allowed her to learn more about current and historical events around the world. Outside of Model UN, Megan can be found painting canvases in the park, drinking bubble tea, and watching far too many TV shows on Netflix. She is excited to meet everyone and is looking forward to a weekend filled with fruitful debate.


Yichen Li | Deputy Speaker

A Grade 11 student currently attending Dover Bay Secondary School, Yichen is ecstatic to be serving as the Deputy Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons (HOC) for VMUN 2022. Ever since she walked into her first committee room in Grade 8, Yichen has been deeply intrigued by the incredible world of MUN and the unforgettable experiences that it provides. She still fondly remembers times well-spent engaging in sleepless midnight crises, listening to rounds of endless laughter, and, of course, making long-lasting friends with fellow delegates. Outside of MUN, Yichen can be found reading a good book, watching as the tide rolls, obsessing over fascinating aspects of ancient history, and practicing her non-existent cooking skills. She sincerely looks forward to meeting all the delegates and seeing an inspiring and memorable conference full of passionate debate!


Emily Lau | Clerk

Emily Lau is a Grade 11 student at Rockridge Secondary who loves the thrill of a good debate. She’s been involved in Model UN for three years, attending numerous conferences and organizing mini committees for her school club. Emily usually spends her time enjoying music, whether it’s with road trip singalongs, playing violin in orchestra, impressing her friends with her piano skills, or banging out the tunes on percussion instruments in band class. You can also find her curled up in a corner reading a good book, watching sci-fi shows, or writing short stories. Emily can’t wait to staff as a Clerk in the House of Commons for this iteration of VMUN and meet all the wonderful delegates taking part!


Arman Kassam | Clerk

In his Grade 11 year at West Point Grey Academy, Arman is thrilled to be serving as a Clerk in the House of Commons at VMUN this year. He has thoroughly enjoyed all 4 years of his MUN career, falling in love with the fast paced discourse, the competitive but collaborative environment, and the various topics of discussion. MUN has not only sparked his passion for global politics, but it has also created and developed many relationships along the way, and he will always be grateful for that. Outside of the conference room, Arman can be found playing chess, watching the Vancouver Canucks, binging sitcoms, and enjoying a hot bowl of ramen. He is excited to meet you all in the spring!

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. PMRs must also be submitted to this address.

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