The World Health Organization was established in 1948 and is composed of 193 Member States. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the organization’s role is to serve as the “authority for health within the United Nations system,” and to provide “leadership on global health matters.” Current objectives of the WHO are laid out in a Six-Point Agenda aimed at responding to the challenges of an “increasingly complex and rapidly changing landscape” of global public health. The points on the agenda are: (1) promoting development; (2) fostering health security; (3) strengthening health systems; (4) harnessing research, information and evidence; (5) enhancing partnerships; and (6) improving performance.

This committee is designed for both beginners and experienced delegates alike. Position papers, although strongly recommended, are not required. However, delegates who wish to be considered for an award must submit their position papers by Sunday, January 13, 2019, at 23:59 PST. More information about position papers can be found on page 3 of the Background Guide.

Topic A: Antimicrobial Resistance (Click to show summary)

Topic B: Epidemics and Global Health Security (Click to show summary)

Cindy Gao | Director

Embarking on her senior year at Little Flower Academy, Cindy is delighted to be serving as the Director of the World Health Organization at VMUN 2019. After attending her first Model United Nations conference nearly two years ago, she instantly became captivated by the Model UN world. But her MUN experience is not just limited to Vancouver, she has also attended conferences in Santa Barbara, Honolulu, Madrid, and Tokyo to delegate. Cindy is eagerly awaiting this year’s iteration of VMUN, and would like to invite all delegates to what she is certain will be yet another extraordinary committee. She looks forward to meeting everyone!

Jaskirt Brar | Chair

Jaskirt is currently a senior at Southpointe Academy and is ecstatic to chair The World Health Organization. Since his first conference, Jaskirt has been attracted to the pragmatic and professional nature of this endeavour. He has participated in a plethora of Model United Nations conferences throughout the past four years, and in the process, developed a strong passion for public speaking and international affairs. Outside of MUN, when he is not found carrying his soccer team, running, or attempting to become a polyglot, he can be seen navigating Vancouver in search of amazing food. Jaskirt looks forward to a weekend full of intense and productive debate at VMUN 2019..

Benjamin Steven | Chair

Ben is a senior at St. George’s school and is thrilled to be staffing at VMUN 2019. Model United Nation’s interweaving of social and professional discussion originally drew Ben in at the beginning of Grade 9, and he hasn’t looked back since. Outside of committee sessions, Ben can be found quietly complaining about his Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, happily binging Netflix comedies, and reading The Onion articles. As Chair of the World Health Organization, and as a VMUN staff member, Ben hopes to provide an enjoyable and inclusive Model UN experience for all delegates, beginners and veterans alike.

Catherine Cho | Assistant Director

Catherine is currently a senior at York House School and is thrilled to be serving as an Assistant Director for WHO. Since her first experience at VMUN in grade 9, Catherine has been enthralled by international relations and politics. MUN has helped her broaden her understanding of global affairs and develop lasting friendships. Outside of MUN, Catherine can be found listening to political podcasts, contemplating Schopenhauer’s philosophy, running outdoors, and searching for her next ice cream venture. She hopes that VMUN will be an unforgettable experience and looks forward to hearing the creative solutions that delegates will come up with!

You can contact the Director at with any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.