The Grand Council of the Qing Dynasty transports delegates to 19th-century China, where they will struggle to sustain and transform an empire having ruled for more than two centuries. As intrigues and schemes rock the Forbidden City, the advisors and ministers of the Xianfeng Emperor will grapple with insurgent domestic rebellions and insidious foreign advances in their quest to restore the ailing empire to its former glory.

As a continuous crisis cabinet, this committee is most appropriate for experienced delegates. Position papers are mandatory, and must be submitted by Sunday, January 13, 2019, at 23:59 PST. More information about position papers can be found on page 3 of the Background Guide.

Topic: Grand Council of the Qing Dynasty, 1853 (Click to show summary)

Louie Lu | Director

Louie Lu is a Grade 12 student enrolled at St. George’s School. He has been involved with VMUN since he fell in love with Model UN in Grade 8. Louie is very excited to direct HCC, a committee of which he personally has fond memories. As an avid lover of history, he endeavours to spread some of his passion to delegates. Outside of MUN, Louie could be found practicing his alto sax, watching YouTube videos for hours on end, and trying to read the works of Herodotus and Thucydides as fiction. Louie looks forward to seeing all the delegates in January and hopes that they can restore order to China!

Judith Chen | Chair

Currently a senior at Semiahmoo Secondary, Judith is entering her fourth year of Model United Nations. Since her first Model UN conference in grade 9, Judith has grown a genuine passion for Model UN and its community. She believes that Model UN is an educational experience unlike any other, and is an excellent way to develop public speaking skills, expand global awareness, and connect with like-minded individuals. Outside of MUN, Judith enjoys playing volleyball, blogging, and listening to music. She is extremely excited to direct HCC at VMUN 2019 and hopes to extend her love for Model UN to new and seasoned delegates alike.

Yeeyi Han | Crisis Staff

Yeeyi Han is a Grade 12 IB student at Semiahmoo Secondary school. Having gone to VMUN as his first conference in Grade 8, his interest in the committee room has not died down. A lover of trivialities, Yi usually spends his free time playing with his cat and accordion when he is not reading random arguments for why ending the human race is morally unquestionable and pursuing true happiness. Yi looks forward to meeting everyone at the conference!

You can contact the Director at with any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.