School registration for VMUN 2022 is now open!

Registration Overview

Registering a School (Sponsor Teachers)

Before individual delegates can register for VMUN, a sponsor teacher from their school must submit the School Registration Form. This form is also where sponsor teachers will indicate the capacity in which they will be attending VMUN 2022.

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Taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions, VMUN 2022 will not mandate that all participants stay overnight at the Hyatt. Delegations wishing to stay overnight remain able to book room nights at the Hyatt through VMUN; however, delegations may choose to attend as “day” delegations, commuting to the venue in the morning and departing after the conclusion of each day’s events. On the school registration form, please select the option your delegation wishes to choose, and our Delegate Affairs team will be in touch in due course.

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Register a School

Registering as a Delegate

Before an individual delegate can register, their school must be registered as described above. In the delegate registration form, delegates will have the opportunity to, among other things, request country and committee assignments. Prior to registration, delegates should peruse the available committees and their difficulties, as well as the country matrix.

Make sure that you read the committee pages and country matrix before choosing your country and committee preferences and submitting the Delegate Registration form.

Unless your school has opted for all fees to be paid via online payment, you must pay your delegate fee online as part of the Delegate Registration Form. To find out what payment mode your school is registered for, ask your sponsor teacher or check the Delegate Registration Form. Please have a credit card on hand. If you do not submit the payment form, your registration will not be processed.

Register as a Delegate

Conference Fees

Please note that the default delegate prices below only cover the fees attached to attending VMUN 2022 as a day delegate. In order to attend as an overnight delegate, sponsor teachers must complete the rooming preference form (more details below); rooming fees must be paid collectively by school. All fees are listed in CAD.

Registration Period Dates Base Delegate Fee
School Registration Oct 12 until full capacity N/A
Early Registration Oct 15 to Nov 1 $155 per delegate
Regular Registration Nov 2 to Nov 21 $195 per delegate
Late Registration Nov 22 until full capacity $210 per delegate
Additional Charges Fee (Overnight Delegations)
Accommodation at the Hyatt $260 per night per room



For those delegations that elect to stay at the Hyatt overnight, the Secretariat will be in-touch via email with sponsor teachers after they submit the School Registration form. We ask sponsor teachers to indicate their preferences (quantity of rooms, type of occupancy, and extra room nights) for their hotel accommodations via this form (sent to every sponsor teacher who indicated that their school would like to stay overnight). After we receive their response, indicating their preferences, we will send them an invoice and link to a payment portal. As soon as VMUN receives their payment for room nights, we will confirm their accommodation.

Schools will be charged based on the amount of rooms that they would like purchase. The number of occupants per room (4, 3, 2 or 1) is up to sponsor teachers’ discretion.

There is a limited number of hotel room availability, which will only decrease significantly in the coming months; therefore, we recommend submitting their preferences number of rooms/other details as soon as possible.

Sponsor teachers will be unable to cancel or decrease the amount of rooms they reserve; however, they will be able to add more later depending on hotel availability.

Financial Aid

VMUN is proud to offer a substantial amount of financial aid for both delegate and school fees. We firmly believe that no delegate or delegation should be prevented from attending VMUN due to financial concerns. Financial aid awards are entirely need-based, and we will make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Teacher sponsors and delegates, please refer to our financial aid page here for more information. Additionally, feel free to contact for any inquiries.

For more information on cancellations, please see our Cancellation Policy.

For more information on delegate assignment changes, please see our Country/Committee Change Request Policy.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

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