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United Nations Security Council

As the single most powerful UN entity, the Security Council is responsible for addressing all issues threatening international peace and security. The Security Council must work to create effective resolutions with clear and powerful language that will have tangible results in the real world. In facing this immense responsibility, the committee will utilize several tools of diplomacy usually unavailable to any other agency. The veto power of the Permanent Five (P5) members gives the UNSC a uniquely intense flair that is unlike any other committee.

The Security Council’s position of premier importance on the world stage will be reflected in its rendition at VMUN 2018. This committee has been specifically designed for the most experienced delegates. As such, position papers are mandatory and must be submitted by Sunday, January 7, 2018, at 23:59.

Topic A: Nuclear Threat on the Korean Peninsula (Click to show summary)

Topic B: Asia’s War on Drugs (Click to show summary)


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Julian Lam

Julian Lam | Director

Julian Lam is a grade 12 student attending Southpointe Academy and is very much intrigued by global politics and international relations. Since first starting his MUN journey in grade 6, Julian has been strongly drawn to learning more about political discourse in global fora and the nuances within international laws that our world revolves around. He has attended numerous conferences both locally and internationally, and consequently, hopes to use his experience in creating a memorable experience for delegates in UNSC. Having avid passions for debate and public speaking, Julian enjoys learning about his society through making connections and communicating with fellow members of his community. Outside of MUN, you can find Julian catching up on Masterchef, exploring Vancouver’s culinary scene, taking photos and playing tennis. Julian is excited for this year’s VMUN and hopes that it will be a memorable experience for all delegates.

Jonathan Chan

Jonathan Chan | Chair

Jonathan is currently a junior at Richmond Christian School. After attending his first conference in Grade 9, Model UN has become a crucial contributor to his interest in international relations and global issues. He is passionate about getting to know his delegates and aiding them in their pursuit of their ambitious goals. He hopes they can trust him with all their fantastic endeavours and to journey alongside them in the exciting adventure that VMUN is. Outside of academic studies and MUN, Jonathan enjoys going on long hikes, leisurely running, and serving on his school’s Servant and Leadership Team. Jonathan is ecstatic to be chairing the United Nations Security Council and looks forward to passing on his passion for public speaking to his delegates.

Alannah Zhou

Alannah Zhou | Assistant Director

Alannah Zhou – a junior at Port Moody Secondary School – started her love of MUN two years ago. Since her first conference, Alannah has made an active effort to engage in MUN, citing her love for a good debate and global affairs. Outside of MUN, Alannah enjoys reading current events, attending debate tournaments, and exploring stocks. She also busies herself with being the head of an app development business, ezWake, which helps students wake up better for classes and MUN conferences. She is looking forward to seeing everyone at VMUN.

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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