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North Atlantic Treaty Organization

In the wake of the Second World War, the Allied nations decided to continue their alliance, politically and militarily, in order to prevent the international spread of Communism, a very real threat to NATO’s existence. That alliance became known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, named after its establishing Atlantic Treaty. In the latter half of the 20th century, NATO was confronted with the Warsaw Pact, a rival military organization associated with the Soviet Union and the gradual rise of Communism. With the fall of the Soviet Union, however, NATO is adapting to the 21st century and its revised role as a peacekeeping organization rather than a military alliance. What is the way forward for NATO in the 21st century, and how will it define its new role with the passing of its greatest adversary?

This committee has been specifically designed for intermediate and experienced delegates. As such, position papers are mandatory and must be submitted by Sunday, January 8, 2017, at 11:59 pm.

Topic A: Redefining the Role of NATO (Click to show summary)

Topic B: The Kurdish-Turkish Conflict (Click to show summary)


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Daniel Yan | Director

Daniel Yan is a senior at St. George’s School. The world of Model UN has greatly expanded his understanding of politics on an international scale and broadened his views on the concepts of cooperation and diplomacy. He finds himself particularly captivated by discussions pertaining to international economics, as well as the specific regional economic and social development of countries around the world. Outside of Model UN, he is a passionate reader, a determined cook and an avid gamer. Daniel has the absolute honor of serving as the director of NATO at VMUN 2017. He looks forward to an exciting conference and hopes to challenge delegates’ creative minds through unique and interesting topics. 


Jerry Jiao | Chair

As a junior attending Fraser Heights Secondary, Jerry is thrilled to be chairing NATO for VMUN 2017! From attending his first conference just to avoid staying home for a day to arriving at his most recent one intending to further his ever growing passion for debate and diplomacy, he has loved every bit of his Model UN journey. As this will be Jerry’s first time attending VMUN, he hopes to learn as much as his delegates! Outside of MUN, he enjoys playing badminton and ultimate frisbee, reading, and jammin’ at his piano. He also has a special place in his heart for cringe-worthy puns, although many of his attempts are… in vein. He hopes that delegates will have an amazing time at VMUN 2017!


Jenna Leung | Assistant Director

Jenna is a Senior at Richmond Christian School and she is honored to be your Assistant Director. Enthralled in global affairs and armed with a penchant for public speaking, she has fallen in love with the world of MUN ever since her first conference. Outside of academia and MUN, Jenna serves as a Regional Board member for Kindlers Reading Room Society and a student teacher for Whitehall Studio. In her spare time, Jenna can be seen on frequent food hunts and the badminton court, chasing and attacking birdies with the smash of a racquet. As always, she is ecstatic to meet all delegates and hopes for a fun-filled, learning-oriented VMUN 2017.

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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