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Joint Crisis Committees

The Joint Crisis Committees are no simple rehash of the typical MUN experience. The ritual raising of placards is replaced with international espionage, fast-paced decision-making, and incessant debates, all aimed destroying the ideological enemy.

The Joint Crisis Committees are very different from the normal MUN experience, yet equal even the United Nations Security Council in their complexity and challenge. JCC consists of two independently running subcommittees whose decisions and actions immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, thus providing for an experience like no other. What delegates will be asked to deal with is only partially revealed for your preparation; covert plots, terrible luck, and the well-meaning — or hostile — actions of the opposing committee together offer an unpredictable, volatile, and urgent, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. If the bloc as a whole is to succeed, the delegates must compromise, negotiate, and persevere in a battle of diplomatic wit; after all, there is a nemesis waiting, biding its time.

As a continuous crisis committee, the JCC is designed for experienced delegates who are prepared to move with a swiftly developing topic and high level of debate. Position papers are mandatory and must be submitted by Sunday, January 19, 2017, at 11:59 pm. More information about position papers will be found on page 3 of each Background Guide.

Topic: The Narco-American Conflict: 2035 (Click to show summary)


JCC Rules of Procedure Download the Background Guide


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Julian Miller | Director

Julian Miller is a junior at Prince of Wales Secondary School, and has the distinct honour of serving as the crisis director for the Joint Crisis Committee at VMUN 2017. Having delegated in this very committee in the past, Julian is well aware of its reputation and history as one of the most challenging and exciting committee experiences available at VMUN, and he intends to do all he can in order to uphold these standards. Outside of Model UN, Julian plays competitive tennis, avidly follows soccer, and listens to hip-hop, among other things. He hopes that all delegates looking for an exhilarating committee experience where they can truly take control of proceedings will consider signing up for the Joint Crisis Committee. With the conference drawing nearer and preparations for the JCC in full swing, Julian can’t wait to meet the delegates, and get the crises underway.


Andrew Wei | Bloc Director

Currently in Grade 11 at St. George’s School, Andrew Wei is elated to be serving as the director of the American JCC Bloc. This year’s conference will be his 4th year in MUN and 2nd year staffing at VMUN. Over the course of these four years, his favorite moments have included ending (and starting) numerous nuclear wars in crisis committees and representing illegal loggers in HLPF at VMUN 2016. Outside of the wild world of MUN, he enjoys procrastination (who doesn’t?), rowing, trying to learn Latin, running and keeping up with his knowledge of semicolons, colons and dashes. Andrew looks forward to a weekend of American Imperialism, shutting down the border with Mexico and intervention in the affairs of other nations.


Joshua Chang | Bloc Director

Joshua Chang is a grade 12 student. His first MUN was VMUN 2012. He was instantly drawn into the intense debate and fiery passion of the conference, and has enjoyed it ever since. Model UN has further spurred his enjoyment for debate, especially discussions about obscure topics. Outside of MUN, Josh can be found playing tennis, saxophone or just simply reading a book. Josh looks forward to both imparting his wisdom and passion that he found through MUN to the delegates, as well as listening to the controlled chaos and lively debate that JCC will have to offer.


David Munoz | Chair

David is now a grade 12 at Brentwood College School on Vancouver Island. His MUN journey started in Saudi Arabia 6 years ago, and has since wound its way through Russia, the USA, and Canada. He hopes to bring this unique multicultural and diverse MUN experience to VMUN 2017 in order to make it an unforgettable conference. Besides MUN, David is a frequent debater, brass instrumentalist, singer, and general geek. Whether it’s the intricacies of the sociopolitical and cultural landscape of the world, or a quick chat on those same issues but in Westeros, David will be happy to converse and contribute. His love of MUN, experience of over 15 conferences, and commitment to his delegates and committees will surely help make VMUN a great experience.


Emad Saberi | Chair

Currently attending his last year of high school at Port Moody Secondary, Emad Saberi is pleased to finish his 2016 school year at VMUN. As an avid and enthusiastic Crisis Committee supporter, Emad endures the IB diploma programme while occasionally mountain biking all over the lower mainland, playing Persian instruments, making donair for money, and watching mildly entertaining videos on YouTube. Emad started his journey in MUN two years ago and has since attended any conference with a relatively interesting topic and crisis. Being a senior looking to pursue a career in politics and international relations, Emad is pleased to chair the Joint Crisis Committee at Vancouver Model United Nations.


Angelina Zhang | Crisis Staff

Angelina is a grade 10 student at Crofton House School. She enjoys travelling, playing tennis, eating good food, and spending time with her friends, almost as much as she loves binge watching Netflix. Though she’s attended multiple Model UN conferences in the past, this is her first time staffing a committee. Ever since she first delegated in grade 8, she’s been constantly lured back into the world of heated debates and foreign affairs. But above all, she loves meeting the people that come from all over, and she’s always been inspired by the level of enthusiasm and intelligence they bring. Angelina is thrilled for the opportunity to help run such an unique committee, and she hopes to create a memorable experience for everyone!


Saskia Freybe | Crisis Staff

Going into Grade 11 at York House School, Saskia is so excited to be the assistant director of JCC, especially as it was her first VMUN committee. Since she began participating in Model UN 3 years ago, Saskia’s appreciation and enjoyment of international policies and politics has thrived. When Saskia isn’t helping lead her schools MUN club, she can be found spending time with her friends, ski instructing, or fretting over her studying habits. She is looking forwards to a successful conference and hopes all the delegates have a terrific experience!

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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