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Canadian House of Commons

The House of Commons of Canada is vastly different from the typical MUN committee experience. Abandon the diplomatic, ordered debate of the United Nations and plunge into the thrilling world of party politics, parliamentary strategy and Question Period. Debate issues that strike closer to home, and connect to how your pursuits, if made real, could deeply affect the future of Canada. This is what prospective Members of Parliament should expect upon joining this exciting and exclusive VMUN committee.

In its sixth year running, the HOC will attempt to accurately model the essence of the real House of Commons, the most important legislative body in Canada. Members will have the opportunity to represent Canadians in ridings from coast to coast to coast, and be part of federal political parties. Along with holding sessions in the entire House, members will be part of three specialized Standing Committees that will take a more in-depth look at national issues.

Prospective members ideally should have an interest or a desire to learn more about Canada and Canadian politics, and be prepared to work with fellow party members as a team to achieve political goals. PMRs, the HOC counterpart to position papers, will be mandatory for all members, and it will be expected that members thoroughly prepare and research their roles. The HOC is a challenging, yet extraordinarily fun committee that will hopefully deepen your love of MUN and appreciation for Canada.

Members of the House of Commons will write Private Members’ Resolutions (PMRs) in lieu of position papers. More information concerning the finer details of PMRs will be made available in due course.

Topic: Criminal Justice Reform with a focus on sentencing reform, drug decriminalization, and increased equity in prison populations for First Nation populations in Canada. (Click to show summary)

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Arun Solanky | Speaker of the House

Arun Solanky is a senior at Interlake High School in Washington, and has been involved in Model UN since he was a freshman; VMUN 2018 will be his 16th conference. He has twice served as the Secretary-General of EDUMUN, a one-day convention in Washington, held the post of Director-General for PACMUN 2017, and has won Best Delegate four times. VMUN 2018 will be his seventh time on the staff or secretariat of a Model UN convention. Besides Model UN, Arun is on his school’s Knowledge Bowl team, a graduate of the IB diploma program, a lover of Mexican food, and a world traveler. Arun cannot wait to welcome MPs to the House of Commons – he is confident 2018 will be the most dynamic sitting of the chamber yet.

Justin del Negro

Justin del Negro | Clerk

A junior at St. George’s School, Justin has been involved in Model UN since grade 8 and has since developed a passion for debate, politics and international policy. As a delegate in the House of Commons at VMUN 2017, Justin discovered a keen interest in Canadian politics and was inspired by the energizing debate featured in the HoC. Outside of Model UN, Justin is a competitive soccer player with a love for hiking, canoeing, rock-climbing and camping in beautiful British Columbia. Justin is incredibly excited to be staffing his first conference at VMUN and looks forward to a weekend of enthralling debate, laughter and diplomacy.


Ariel Moon

Ariel Moon | Clerk

Ariel is currently a junior at York House School. At her first MUN conference in 9th grade, she challenged herself to join the fast-paced HOC committee at VMUN and was not disappointed. Enticed by the witty and sophisticated level of debate, Ariel is thrilled to be coming back to this committee to serve as one of the clerks. In her spare time, Ariel is an avid debater, musician, and enjoys playing ultimate. Ariel is happy to answer any questions as she understands the difficulty this regional committee presents. She encourages and applauds anyone for taking on this challenge and looks forward to the most memorable VMUN.



Isaac La Roy | Clerk

Isaac is a grade 11 student at Shawnigan Lake School, and it is his great pleasure to serve as co-Clerk in the House of Commons, for VMUN 2018. Since attending his first conference at VYMUN 4 years ago he has grown to love the atmosphere and intensity of MUN. Over the past 4 years of MUN Isaac has learned better speaking skills and diplomacy. He has been to over 10 conferences and is pondering a legal career down the road. When Isaac is not practicing MUN he is usually found playing sports or being a referee for hockey. Isaac is looking forward to his 3rd VMUN very much and he is excited to enjoy the atmosphere the people will bring.


You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. PMRs must also be submitted to this address.

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