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What is Model United Nations?

Everybody’s heard of the United Nations.

Ban Ki Moon

The UN, with its headquarters in New York City is the largest organization of its kind in the world.

Formed after the conclusion of the Second World War, it gives an avenue for countries to solve mutual problems and resolve international conflict without force or weaponry.

The UN itself is a complicated organization with a multifaceted agenda, but nevertheless, it remains a community that embodies unity and symbolizes continual human progress.

This of course does not mean that the United Nations is without faults; many aspects of the UN are in desperate need of reform (an entire committee is dedicated to expediting changes in a variety of matters), and there is rarely a day without some notable figure questioning the decisions and continuing legitimacy of the organization.

In short, the UN is an important part of the global community and continues to play a major role in an increasingly interconnected planet.

As you have realized (by expressing interest in Model United Nations and taking the initiative of reading this guide), the United Nations caters quite well to simulations, aptly termed Model United Nations conferences.

By no means are these conventions few and far between: from Harvard, to Stanford, to the Hague, to Hong Kong, intellectual institutions around the world have realized the importance of learning about the views of different countries and using this knowledge to achieve a tangible solution.

The MUN experience, however, goes beyond mere comprehension. Not only do you have to “know” your country’s views on various issues, but you have to “be” your state; adopting a dynamic way of thinking to ensure your country’s, not your own, interests are being served.

The beauty of the conference is that this mode of thought is not confined to the sessions taking place each day. Should you choose to fully immerse yourself into the MUN world, you can be assured that the simulation will find its way into your hotel room, onto your breakfast table and anywhere else your choose. Unmoderated caucuses will spring up throughout each day as you endeavour to compromise, and find a solution that can be applied to real life problems.

You will find yourself discussing issues that currently are affecting millions worldwide, and striving to find some way to reconcile your own moral viewpoints with the demands of your home government and the world as a whole.

Model United Nations is not just a club or conference, rather, it is way of thinking. By realizing this at the onset of your conference, not only will you be better able to contribute as new proposals arise during sessions, but you will also attain a greater understanding of the dynamics of world community after each trip.

Simply, the more you put into each conference working on strategies and solutions, the more you will get out.


Welcome to the world of MUN.


This article was written in high school by Al-Nawaz Jiwa St. George’s MUN Head Delegate and World MUN Champion. Al-Nawaz received a master’s in Political Science from Yale University.

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