Electronic Devices During Committee Session

At VMUN, delegates are expected to come to the conference having already conducted the necessary research. Therefore, the use of the internet during committee sessions is prohibited. Delegates who require specific information or facts pertaining to their country or the issues being debated may send a note to their committee dais, who may reply as the delegate’s Home Government.

With the exception of the Continuous Crisis Committees (see below), delegates are otherwise permitted and encouraged to use electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets, to aid in the writing of working papers and draft resolutions and for other academic purposes only (again, with Internet connectivity functions disabled). Delegates should refrain from using electronic devices for non-academic purposes (e.g. texting, playing games); staff members may ask delegates who contravene this policy to stop their disruptive and unproductive behavior.

If delegates plan on bringing and using electronic devices, VMUN suggests that they also bring a USB to share their documents with other delegates and the Committee Dais.

In the Continuous Crisis Committees (HCC, JCC, Cabinet, ACC), delegates are prohibited from using any electronic devices during committee. 


Electronic Devices Outside of Committee Session

Outside of committee sessions, VMUN does not have any restrictions on the use of electronic devices. Delegates may use such devices or connect to the Internet if they so desire; however, VMUN does not provide Internet access. Hyatt Regency Vancouver, however, does provide a complimentary internet service in all guest rooms.