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Technology Use Policy

Electronic Devices in a Virtual Setting

General Information

Delegates are required to use a computer with a functional microphone and webcam to access the online platform. Webcams are expected to be kept on for the duration of the committee session. If delegates do not have access to a webcam or are unable to use a webcam throughout the conference, please contact your Committee Dais. Electronic devices may be used to aid in research, the writing of working paper and draft resolutions, and for other academic purposes. In Crisis Committees, an online system will be utilized for all directives in lieu of a paper-based directive system.

Delegates are encouraged to utilize platforms, such as Google Docs, to share committee documents, working papers, or draft resolutions with their fellow delegates and the Committee Dais. If they wish to use these platforms during the conference, VMUN suggests that delegates familiarize themselves with the programs in advance of the conference.


Delegates are highly encouraged to limit their use of electronic devices to the aforementioned substantive purposes only. Although the Secretariat or Committee Dais may be unable to directly restrict the use of electronic devices by delegates, the Secretariat team will—within reasonable limits—take certain disciplinary actions to preserve high quality of debate and ensure a comfortable, safe, and successful conference experience for all.

If the Committee Dais believes that a delegate is using any electronic devices outside reasonable limits, is being disruptive to the committee, or is misusing the online platform, the Committee Dais may communicate a warning to the delegate. This may include, but is not limited to: extended periods of gaming, sharing unrelated websites or content, or misusing the integrated functions of the online platform. In the case of repeated instances of unheeded warnings, the Committee Dais may escalate the situation to the Secretariat or the delegate’s sponsor teachers.

The Secretariat will not tolerate any serious instances of misuse of the online platform and its associated functions. This may include, but is not limited to: harassment, cyberbullying, account misuse, and sharing inappropriate websites or content. These actions may result in the withdrawing of a delegate’s access to the online platform, being asked to leave all VMUN-related events, and the contacting of a sponsor teacher or school administration.

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