Delegate registration for VMUN 2022 is now open!

Our Platform

For our 2021 iteration, the VMUN Secretariat team is working with our partner, Classrooms.Cloud, to custom-build a platform which aims to replicate the traditional VMUN experience at the Hyatt Regency as closely as possible. With a custom user experience, 24/7 technical support offered by Classrooms.Cloud, and functions to replicate the delegate experience as seamlessly as possible, our goal is to ensure that delegates will be able to focus on debating the pertinent world issues at hand.

Classrooms.Cloud has partnered with multiple prominent institutions and organizations in the past, including Yale University, Northwestern University, University of Kentucky, and the National Speech and Debate Association. VMUN is confident that, although physically distant, our 2021 iteration will offer a unique Model UN experience, bringing together delegates from across the world to debate the topics that matter.

The platform is now accessible here.

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