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Committee Staff

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Director: Madeline Kim
Chair: Ahmad Shams
AD: Katie Bos
AD: Chloe Mau

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Director: Cindy Zhang
Chair: Mina Nair
AD: David Kim
AD: Jenna Zhang

World Health Organization
Director: Ryan Meira
Chair: Richard Min
AD: Emily Ramlochun
AD: Abigail Chee

United Nations Human Rights Council
Director: Stephanie Hai
Chair: Angelina Yeung
AD: Owen Hu

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Director: Neil Hong
Chair: Anisa Mansour
AD: Sophia Wei

United Nations Environment Programme
Director: Christopher Yu
Chair: Niki Tehrani
AD: Hannah Baumgard

World Bank
Director: Pradyun Chebolu
Chair: Danny Zhu
AD: Cathy Zhang

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Director: Leia Tsao
Chair: Sophia Chong
AD: Michelle Pan

European Union
Director: Rachel Weng
Chair: Anik Nielsen
AD: Katrina Sun

Canadian House of Commons
Speaker: Luke Montalbano
Deputy Speaker: Megan Tai
Clerk: Emily Lau
Clerk: Arman Kassam
Clerk: Yichen Li

117th United States Senate
President of the Senate: William Wang
Chair: Liam Dachner
AD: Angela Lu
AD: Mariam Kazmi

First Ministers of Canada
Director: Darren Tsai
Chair: Darren Yang
AD: Sahara Kalafchi

United Nations Security Council
Director: Yirui Tao
Chair: Lina Yang
AD: Shiwei Chen

Joint Crisis Committees
Crisis Overlord: Athina Law
Crisis Staff: Geoffrey Yee

Bloc Director: Victoria Munro
Chair: Cindy Ma
Crisis Staff: Justin Hua

Bloc Director: Austin Ma
Chair: Ethan Chen
Crisis Staff: Angel Li

Historical Crisis Committee
Director: Fred Yang
Chair: Lily Langtry
Crisis Staff: Maya Chandrashekaran

Advanced Crisis Committee
Director: Jasper He
Chair: Yufei Huang
Crisis Staff: Chantal Lee

Intelligence Crisis Committee 
Director: Ben Kang
Chair: Allysen Kwok
Crisis Staff: Annie Wang

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