Committee Staff

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Director: Lincoln Lee
Chair: Byron Edwardson
AD: Cynthia Fung
AD: Elizabeth Park

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee
Director: Bridget Young
Chair: Jimmy Ma
AD: Cindy Zhang
AD: Matthew Leung

World Health Organization
Director: Joyce Chen
Chair: Ethan Wong
AD: Calista Lu
AD: Michelle Kim

International Atomic Energy Agency
Director: Alison Lee
Chair: Koby Chen
AD: Jordan Rosenfeld

United Nations Human Rights Council
Director: Vivian Liang
Chair: Jasmine Lin
AD: Luke Jouflas

United Nations Environment Programme
Director: Nick Liu
Chair: Brendon Huang
AD: Muhan Zhang

World Bank
Director: Adam Cader
Chair: Nikki Wu
AD: Noah Wong

United Nations Development Programme
Director: Emily Ni
Chair: Kristy Kwok
AD: Leo Wang

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Director: Peter Zhang
Chair: Alishba Irfan
AD: Emmalyn Tsang

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Director: Tiara Safaei
Chair: Kevin Roe
AD: Brooke Glazier

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Director: Cameron Brawn
Chair: Rhea Tabet
AD: Mike Zhang

European Union
Director: Ben Kang
Chair: Serena Chen
AD: Angel Yuan

African Union
Director: Kai Choi
Chair: Jeffery Luo
AD: Asha Paranjpe

Canadian House of Commons
Co-Speaker: Ethan Jasny
Co-Speaker: Othman Mekhloufi
Clerk: Cynthia Gan
Clerk: Annie Tsoromocos
Clerk: Jonah Ezekiel

Belt and Road Forum
Director: Jackie Dong
Chair: Max Chetner
AD: Emma-Jane Burns

United Nations Security Council
Director: Justin Liu
Chair: Angela Lu

Joint Crisis Committees
Director: Tyler Rosenzweig

Bloc Director: Jessy Ma
Chair: Armon Kaboly
Crisis Staff: Josh Harris

Bloc Director: Armaan Jaffer
Chair: Cher Ning
Crisis Staff: Aaron Anandji

Historical Crisis Committee
Director: Derek Wu
Chair: Eduardo Koranyi
Crisis Staff: Mia Tsao

Cabinet Committee
Director: Su-Ann Ho
Chair: Patrick Kim
Crisis Staff: Arella Yang

Fictional Crisis Committee 
Director: Logan Wang
Chair: Jennifer Tsai
Crisis Staff: Jeremy Fang

Advanced Crisis Committee
Director: Audrea Wang
Chair: Mikael Borres
Crisis Staff: Alan Ren

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