Committee Staff

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Director: Emily Lau
Chair: Iden Farzadeh
AD: Mark Manaois
AD: Charlotte Cao

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Director: Emmy Wang
Chair: Emily Mo
AD: Mehar Mann
AD: Devin Yue

World Health Organization
Director: Jenna Zhang
Chair: Rachel Weng
AD: Vivian Xu
AD: Jason Yin

United Nations Human Rights Council
Director: Ethan Yang
Chair: Ann Wang
AD: Connor Mau

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Director: Pradyun Chebolu
Chair: Calvin Liu
AD: Lawrence Li

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Director: Kiran Sun
Chair: Isabella Pliska
AD: Edison Dao

United Nations Environment Programme
Director: John Demianczuk
Chair: Natalie Thomas
AD: Nickolas Zhang

United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Director: Fred Yang
Chair: Caleb Jang
AD: Rachel Wei

World Bank
Director: Andreas Zhang
Chair: Chloe Mau
AD: Daniel Zhan

International Maritime Organization
Director: Angus Liu
Chair: Esther Xu
AD: Breanna Ho

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Director: George Sun
Chair: Adele Agenes
AD: Zachary Wong

European Union
Director: Daniel Cao
Chair: Aly Rajwani
AD: Yeonsoo Lee

Canadian House of Commons
Speaker: Luke Montalbano
Deputy Speaker: Matthew Wong
Clerk: Gwendolyn Yang
Clerk: Austin Ng

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Director: Derek Li
Chair: Sophia Wei

United Nations Security Council
Director: Angelina Yeung
AD: Briana Chen

Joint Crisis Committees
Crisis Overlord: Richard Min
Crisis Staff: Joseph Yeh

Bloc Director: Jenna Jaffer
Chair: John Wu
Crisis Staff: William Jiang

Bloc Director: Ethan Chen
Chair: Claire Li
Crisis Staff: Brad Guo

Historical Crisis Committee
Director: Geoffrey Yee
Chair: Lina Yang
Crisis Staff: Katelyn Jewell

Fictional Crisis Committee
Director: Edward Gao
Chair: Tristan Goteng
Crisis Staff: Justin Bao

Advanced Crisis Committee
Director: Frank Zhang
Chair: Yichen Li
Crisis Staff: Amber Yang

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