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Committee Staff

World Health Organization
Director: Brandon Zhou
Chair: Angelus McNally
AD: Janice Lam
AD: Bonita Chang

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Director: Sean Lee
Chair: Saad Yasin
AD: Sarah Buddhason
AD: Alex Yoshino

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee
Director: Adam Mawji
Chair: Jeffrey Shen
AD: Fiona Reuter
AD: Megan Syho

United Nations Development Programme
Director: Danica Li
Chair: William Tiwana
AD: Agnes Lebeau

Food and Agricultural Organization
Director: Samuel Chen
Chair: Eunice Lui
AD: Andrew Guo

United Nations Environment Programme
Director: Katherine Zheng
Chair: Jaskirt Brar
AD: David Ni

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Director: Kelly Kwan
Chair: Emma Blake
AD: Alvin Zou

World Trade Organization
Director: Xudi Lin
Chair: Linda Dai
AD: Arshan Bains

International Atomic Energy Agency
Director: Alexandra Haworth
Chair: Lauren Hung
AD: Derick Yuan

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Director: Lucy Harvey
Chair: Ben Steven
AD: Judy Rhee

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Director: Allan Lee
Chair: Inaya Ali
AD: Roberto Xavier

European Union
Director: Zehan Zhou
Chair: Kevin Zuo
AD: Celina Chen

African Union
Director: Matthew Cheng
Chair: Sherry Sun
AD: Jasper Mai

Canadian House of Commons
Speaker: Arun Solanky
Clerk: Justin del Negro
Clerk: Isaac La Roy
Clerk: Ariel Moon

Asia Cooperation Dialogue
Director: Nick Young
Chair: Megan Munson
AD: Cindy Zhao

United Nations Security Council
Director: Julian Lam
Chair: Jonathan Chan
AD: Alannah Zhou

War of the Austrian Succession
Director: Qaasim Karim
Chair: Victoria Hong
Crisis Staff: Matthew Owen-Flood

Joint Crisis Committee: Second American Civil War
Director: Julian Miller

Bloc Director: Ashley Phord-Toy
Chair: Louie Lu
Crisis Staff: Maurits Freybe

Bloc Director: Alex Shojania
Chair: Saskia Freybe
Crisis Staff: Fox Mutual

Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, 1979
Director: Omar Kassam
Chair: Mateo Murr
Crisis Staff: Victor Schmulevich

Council of People’s Commissars, 1917
Director: Peter Jiang
Chair: Kevin Zhu
Crisis Staff: Tessa Furey

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