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Committee Staff

World Health Organization
Director: Catherine Shin
Chair: Eric Zhang
AD: Fiona Reuter
AD: Yoo Jin Bae

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee
Director: Ryan Cheng
Chair: Anika Lee
AD: Felicity Bao
AD: Danica Li

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Director: Ashley Phord-Toy
Chair: Lukas Corey
AD: Maric Son
AD: Allan Lee

World Bank
Director: Sasha Twardowski
Chair: Angie Sun
AD: Alan Chen

United Nations Office on Drug and Crime
Director: Sara Sheikh
Chair: Richard Chen
AD: Dillon Ramlochun

United Nations Environment Programme
Director: Colin Blackadar
Chair: Zehan Zhou
AD: Judith Chen

United Nations Development Programme
Director: Cassia Nasralla
Chair: Brandon Zhou
AD: Lauren Hung

African Union
Director: Rosa Rahimi
Chair: Paul Bao
AD: David Ni

United Nations Human Rights Committee
Director: Michael Lau
Chair: Sanya Grover
AD: Jaden Dewan

High Commission on Refugees
Director: Vivian Qiang
Chair: Samuel Chen
AD: Rachael Lai

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Director: Daniel Yan
Chair: Jerry Jiao
AD: Jenna Leung

European Union
Director: Taïs Trepanier
Chair: Trenton Sewell
AD: Edward Yu

League of Arab States
Director: Jerry Xu
Chair: Katrynna Uy
AD: Frank Yan

Canadian House of Commons
Co-Speaker: Jason Qu
Co-Speaker: Lia Lee
Clerk: Meghna Lohia
Clerk: Nimia Toussi
Clerk: Wendy Hu

United Nations Security Council
Director: Andrew Yun
Chair: Crystal Ma
AD: Rohet Bains

Food and Agriculture Organization
Director: Jodi Fei
Chair: Robert Armstrong
AD: Timothy Ro

Joint Crisis Committee
Director: Julian Miller

Bloc Director: Joshua Chang
Chair: David Munoz
Crisis Staff: Angelina Zhang

Bloc Director: Andrew Wei
Chair: Emad Saberi
Crisis Staff: Saskia Freybe

Spanish Civil War (1936)
Director: Callum Shepard
Chair: Mary Lin
Crisis Staff: Qaasim Karim

Chinese Revolution (1949)
Director: Tyson Dennis-Sharma
Chair: Gabriella Langer
Crisis Staff: Sean Lee

Nixon’s Cabinet (1969)
Director: Xavi Delgado
Chair: Leela Ray
Crisis Staff: Peter Jiang

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