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United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was founded in 1945 with the purpose of “contributing to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights.” It has been effective and now spans the globe working in all areas in many different ways. One of the largest UN bodies in actuality, our UNESCO will be substantially smaller allowing for more focused debate.

This committee is designed for both beginners and experienced delegates alike. Position papers, although strongly recommended, are not required. However, delegates who wish to be considered for an award must submit their position papers by Sunday, January 7, 2018, at 23:59. More information about position papers will be found on page 3 of the Background Guide.

Topic A: Preventing Violent Extremism Through Education (Click to show summary)

Topic B: Protecting and Preserving the Health of Oceans (Click to show summary)


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Lucy Harvey

Lucy Harvey | Director

Lucy started Model United Nations in grade 8, and it has remained a passion of hers through to grade 12. Having done Model UN for so many years, Lucy has fostered a love for travel as well as International Relations. Because of her commitment to Model UN with her school, West Point Grey Academy, Lucy has had the pleasure of attending over 10 conferences, VMUN 2018 will be her 12th! Over the years Lucy’s experience with Model UN has not only brought her many friends but it has also taught her the importance of compromise and how fun intellectual debate can be! In her spare time she also trains with a pre professional youth circus program. Lucy hopes that your experience with VMUN is as positive as hers has been. If you have any questions, feel free to send Lucy an email as she would be happy to answer any questions and chat!


Ben Steven | Chair

Ben is currently in Grade 11 at St. George’s School, and is thrilled to be staffing at VMUN 2018. Ever since his first conference in Grade 9, Ben has continued to be an active participant in MUN and especially enjoys the social aspects of it, and getting to meet new people through the enticing debates that MUN consistently has. When he’s not quoting various comedians like John Mulaney or Nick Kroll, Ben can usually be found on Snapchat attempting to be funny and relatable, and failing horribly in both ways. Overall, Ben hopes to provide an open and inclusive environment for everybody, and is excited to meet the delegates of UNESCO.

Judy Rhee

Judy Rhee | Assistant Director

Judy is currently a student at University Hill Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as the Assistant Director of UNESCO. Ever since entering the committee room of her first conference in Grade 9, Judy has loved the various aspects of Model UN—the debate, the compelling speeches, and the opportunity to gain knowledge through participating in a conversation where many different perspectives come together. Outside of MUN, Judy debates, attends public speaking tournaments, and pretends to speak fluent French. Judy looks forward to meeting all the delegates, and wishes everyone an incredible experience at VMUN 2018!

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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