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Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee

The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) is the third General Assembly of the United Nations, tasked with a broad mandate surrounding social, humanitarian and human rights issues from around the world. To delineate a general idea of the committee, some issues discussed within SOCHUM include but are not limited to: human rights, global literacy, women’s rights, children’s rights, the treatment of refugees and displaced persons, international drug control, crime prevention, and the elimination of racism and discrimination. SOCHUM also works closely with many other UN bodies in order to effectually address its mandated issues.

As this committee is designed for both beginners and experienced delegates alike, delegates of all abilities are welcome. Position papers, although strongly suggested, are not required. However, delegates must submit position papers by January 8th to be considered for an award.

Topic A: Rights of Disabled Persons in Developing Nations (Click to show summary)

Topic B: Anti-Immigration Sentiments (Click to show summary)


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Ryan Cheng | Director

Ryan is currently in grade 12 at St. George’s School. He joined Model UN in the sixth grade, and has been an avid delegate ever since. While he’s not charming wildlife with his tenor saxophone, he also spends long strenuous hours attempting to decipher tabs for guitar. As for sports, he adores throwing a floppy plastic disc and whacking birdies with badminton racquets. Ryan also spends his spare time catching up on Suits, House of Cards, and Korean Dramas. Ryan is looking forward to serving as the Director of SOCHUM, and hopes for a weekend of fantastic debate.


Anika Lee | Chair

Anika is currently a senior at Gleneagle Secondary, and is delighted to be staffing VMUN as the chair of SOCHUM. Since her first conference in grade nine, she’s not only enjoyed the platform it provides her to discuss and debate a variety of intensely fascinating global issues, but also the amazing friendships she’s made along the way. Outside of MUN, she enjoys pretending she can rap, hitting up every ice cream store in Vancouver, and trying to convince people she’s not actually fob. She also enjoys playing Anika Monopoly, trying to graduate high school with an Anika degree, and eating some Anika brie. Horrendous puns aside, Anika guarantees that her delegates will have an unforgettable weekend at VMUN 2017 and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Felicity Bao | Assistant Director

Felicity is currently a senior at Crofton House School and is delighted to be serving as an Assistant Director for this year’s Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. After much persuasion from her friends, Felicity attended her first conference in ninth grade, and since then, has been a fervent participant in club meetings and various conferences. When she is not immersed in all things MUN-related, Felicity can be found coaching ice skating or triple jumping to her heart’s content. In her free time, she enjoys watching Korean dramas, reading the latest Stephen King novel, and keeping up with Taiwanese news. She looks forward to a weekend of lively debate and to working with everyone at VMUN 2017!


Danica Li | Assistant Director

Currently a grade 11 student, Danica is ecstatic to be serving as the Assistant Director of SOCHUM. Danica has been attending MUN conferences ever since Grade 9. From working as the Executive Director of Human Resources at Kindlers Society to serving in other non-profit organizations, Danica consistently strives to make positive changes in the world and aid the global community. Outside of MUN and her non-profit work, Danica enjoys participating in the Student and Leadership Team at her school, singing, and engaging in school clubs. Danica is honoured to help delegates begin or further develop their Model UN career and is looking forward to a conference filled with intense debate, collaboration, communication, and compromise.

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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