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Disarmament and International Security Committee

From fast-paced conflict resolution to revolutionary policy changes, the Disarmament and International Security Committee lies at the forefront of the United Nations General Assembly. As the first committee of the General Assembly, DISEC addresses conflicts and threats to international peace, and tries to maintain global stability and security. Although its resolutions are non-binding, DISEC’s efforts are highly influential and often lay the groundwork for resolutions in other committees of the United Nations. The vast membership of DISEC makes it an especially important organ for dealing with issues of an international scope.

As this committee is designed for both beginners and experienced delegates alike, delegates of all abilities are welcome. Position papers, although strongly suggested, are not required. However, delegates must submit position papers by January 8th to be considered for an award.

Topic A: Combatting Global Piracy (Click to show summary)

Topic B: The Conflict in Yemen (Click to show summary)


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Ashley Phord-Toy | Director

Since her inaugural Model United Nations conference in grade 8, Ashley has fostered a love for diplomatic discussion and fiery debate. As a grade 11 student at Crofton House School, she has been fortunate to attend a plethora of MUN conferences (in fact, this will be her 13th conference!) Through all of these experiences, Ashley has grown confident as a public speaker, has improved her grasp on global issues, and has made lifelong friends. She hopes that the delegates of DISEC will have similar experiences. She challenges all delegates to speak up during committee sessions, imagine the implementation of an improved world, but most importantly, have fun! Feel free to email Ashley if you have any questions or concerns, she would love to chat.


Lukas Corey | Chair

As a freshman being introduced to Model U.N., Lukas was inspired by the unique combination of international mindedness, leadership, and cooperation that MUN promotes. He has since gone on to be involved on the staff and secretariat of PACMUN, as a founder of EDUMUN, and in the secretariat of the first ever KINGMUN! Outside of MUN, Lukas is an instructor of Taekwondo at True Martial Arts Overlake and very passionate about biomedical research, previously interning at the National Institutes of Health (NIAAA) and currently at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He is also in Science Olympiad and a class officer at Interlake High School. He’s looking forward to making DISEC an incredible experience for everyone!


Maric Son | Assistant Director

A Grade 12 student, Maric has been involved in Model United Nations since Grade 9, when he attended his first VMUN. Since then, he has attended a multitude of different conferences, and admits that VMUN has a special place in his heart. When not stressing over school or shamelessly sending selfies on Snapchat, Maric enjoys whacking birdies with badminton rackets and convincing others that the euphonium is a real instrument.


Allan Lee | Assistant Director

Allan is currently a student at St. George’s School and is ecstatic to serve as the assistant director of DISEC at VMUN 2016. Allan has gone a long way ever since he first raised his placard in a MUN conference in San Francisco when he was just a young grade 8 boy. From that point, Allan has attended numerous MUN conferences, including your very own DISEC three times. Other than MUN, Allan is also a passionate debater, having competed in a plethora of tournaments around the globe. Allan is incredibly excited to watch the duel of words between delegates and the “verbattles” that are going to take place in DISEC. Allan wishes all delegates to have a splendid time at VMUN 2016.

You can contact the Director at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Position papers must also be submitted to this address.

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