World Health Organization
Director: Cindy Gao

Chair: Jaskirt Brar
Chair: Benjamin Steven
AD: Catherine Cho

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Director: Sameer Esmail
Chair: Thrisha Mohan
AD: Stephanie Chang
AD: Winston Huang

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Director: Linda Dai
Chair: Alex Han
AD: William Tiwana
AD: Saira Suleman

International Maritime Organization
Director: Fiona Reuter

Chair: Jason Fan
AD: Kelsi Lee

United Nations Human Rights Council
Director: Inaya Ali
Chair: Jonathan Chan
AD: Lincoln Lee

United Nations Environment Programme
Director: Bridget Young
Chair: Alan Zhuang
AD: Maggi Bresden

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Director: Irene Zhang
Chair: Andrew Guo
AD: Christina Su

United Nations Development Programme
Director: Jessica Lin
Chair: Emily Ni
AD: Christopher Bong

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Director: Ellen Li

Chair: Alison Lee
AD: Ronald Wu

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Director: Janette Kim
Chair: Sherry Sun
AD: John Cicci

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Director: Anson Yu
Chair: Eli Lee
AD: Helen Yang

European Union
Director: Jamin Feng
Chair: Tamerlan Nuhiyev
AD: Cathy Hu

African Union
Director: Leo Wang
Chair: Evelyn Gondosiswanto
AD: Jason Chen

House of Commons
Co-Speaker: Justin Del Negro
Co-Speaker: Isaac La Roy
Clerk: Ariel Moon
Clerk: Jasmine Lin
Clerk: Ethan Jasny

Indian Ocean Rim Association
Director: Albert Chen

Chair: Sarah Buddhason
AD: Jasper Mai

United Nations Security Council
Director: Phillip Xia
Chair: Jennifer Tsai

Historical Crisis Committee
Director: Louie Lu
Chair: Judith Chen
Crisis Staff: Yeeyi Han

Joint Crisis Committees
Director: Matthew Cheng
Bloc Director: Su-Ann Ho
Bloc Director: Maurits Freybe
Chair: Kevin Wang
Chair: Mateo Murr
Crisis Staff: Jessy Ma
Crisis Staff: Tiara Safaei

Cabinet Committee
Director: William Tsai
Chair: Zachary Forbes
Crisis Staff: Vivian Gu

Advanced Crisis Committee
Director: Andy Jiang
Chair: Audrea Wang
Crisis Staff: Keely Aquilini

Additional Staff
Adam Mawji
Samuel Chen

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