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Secretariat/Staff Applications

Every year, VMUN assembles a high-powered team solely of capable high-school students. VMUN 2016 took the conference to a new level, bringing over 1300 attendees together from across the world. With this number, we have grown to become the largest high-school run MUN conference in all of Canada! Now we need a talented and passionate team of high school students to create another great conference next year!

VMUN has grown from humble beginnings to a large conference that marks the highlight of many MUNers’ years. As a Secretariat/Staff member of VMUN 2017, you will:

  • Create something amazing for a lot of people. Over 1300 participants attended VMUN 2016 — the largest high school MUN conference in all of Canada — and we expect even more interest this year. It’s truly something special for someone to say that they helped run a VMUN conference.
  • Make a tangible difference. Like most MUN conferences, VMUN is organized, run, and staffed by volunteers alone. However, VMUN is rather special, because at VMUN, each and every one of these volunteers is a high school student. As a member of VMUN Secretariat/Staff, your ideas, vision, and work are highly valued and you personally can make a difference in the conference.
  • Join a team of like-minded students committed to the same things you are. VMUN is serious about Model UN. We’re renowned for our broad array of committee experiences and the high quality of debate which is upheld, and we intend to keep that true. Moreover, VMUN is committed to delegate diversity. That’s why VMUN runs an extensive financial aid program, and why we place such emphasis on training and educating delegates before and during the conference. VMUN is a special endeavour to be a part of.

If any of this resonates with you, we strongly encourage you to apply! Although the prospect may seem intimidating, it’s important not to discredit yourself! There’s no harm in applying, and the best outcome is your getting accepted!

Any questions regarding the application process should be emailed to If you have already submitted a full Secretariat Application, it is not necessary to submit a new Staff Application.

 Secretariat Application 
 Staff Application

Director applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. The deadline for the Staff Application is April 3rd, 2016.

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