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Disarmament and International Security Committee

The Disarmament and International Security Committee, or DISEC for short, is the First Committee of the UN General Assembly. It deals with conflicts and threats to international peace, and tries to maintain global stability and security. The vast membership of DISEC makes it an especially important organ for dealing with issues of an international scope.

As this committee is designed for both beginners and experienced delegates alike, delegates of all abilities are welcome. Position papers, although strongly suggested, are not required. However, delegates must submit position papers by January 8th to be considered for an award.

Topic A: Unmanned Aerial Vehichles (Click to show summary)

Topic B: Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Programs(Click to show summary)


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Eshan Cheema | Director
A senior at St. George’s School, Eshan has been involved with both public speaking and debate since elementary school. He attended his first Model United Nations conference in Grade 10, and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, he’s been involved with countless local and international conferences. Eshan has a sweet spot for General Assemblies, having delegated many in the past. In his free time, Eshan enjoys debating with his friends, rehearsing with his improv team, and loves reading; he is currently reading The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk and A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin. He’s also an avid photographer and has recently tried his hand and drawing. He enjoys working with both new and experienced delegates, and looks forward to an awesome conference!


Jiani Lin | Chair

Jiani is a Grade 12 student at J.N. Burnett Secondary. Being a part of annual MUN conferences for the past three years have shaped and changed her appreciation for international affairs and debate. As VMUN 2016 will be her last MUN of her high school career, she is incredibly honoured to serve as the Chair of DISEC. In her spare time, Jiani can be found watching Grey’s Anatomy and Friends on Netflix, and enjoying cheesecake whenever she can. She invites all prospective delegates to say hi to her in the elevators or hallways whenever there is a chance! 


Richard Chen | Assistant Director

This is the one you’ll remember. Richard is a grade 11 currently relishing his time at St. George’s School. Richard is a devoted young man. There are three things that Richard has done in his life that he truly values, and it is for you to find out during the conference. Richard realizes that life isn’t fair, that things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Delegates, use this conference to maneuver yourself into the real world. Get out of your comfort zones.‘Yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it’ -That is the mentality that we need in our next generation. So please, join us, join him, and join me, in VMUN 2016- DISEC.

You can reach the dais at Any questions regarding the committee or its debate procedures will be answered by email. Your position papers should also be emailed to this address.

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